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    I love animals, crochet and crafts.
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    Gainesville, FL
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    rescuing small animals, horseback riding and crafts.
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    currently unemployed
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    afghans, hats and scarves.
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    since I was in my 20's
  1. I am back after a long time away. I have missed you guys!
  2. North Central Florida here..Gainesville.
  3. Anyone ever use those potholder looms that use stretchy loops? I saw a tutorial on You Tube that shows how to weave squares with yarn. It requires a potholder loom, a chopstick or knitting needle, a crochet hook and your left over yarn stash. The squares make up quickly once you get the hang of it and you can sew them together to make placemats, blankets, etc. If you're interested the site is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35BDmaLDE4o This is an awesome and easy way to do away with your stash quickly. This one shows how to warp the loom and start your weaving. The second one shows you how to take the square off the loom. That site is:http://www.youtube.com/watchv=2reWVTcARW4&feature=related Have fun and let me know how you like the project! for some reason the post deleted some of the site for taking the square off after WVT should be cARW4&feature=related
  4. I am going to the former home of the father of a friend to clean the place and prep it for both an estate sale and, later for the actual sale of the house. I need some projects to take along that don't take up much space. I will be working on these at night to help me relax and prepare for sleep. Any suggestions? I will be gone 3 weeks this time and may actually be gone for at least one more 3 week period BEFORE the estate sale....
  5. My roomie and I would like to thank the FGM who PM'd me with prayers. We SO appreciate knowing people are praying for us!
  6. Great site..I needed the humor today! Thanks for sharing!
  7. This is the first time I've ever seen this. It was...interesting. I about died when I saw the pasties! I did fiind it somewhat offensive..BUT it is other people's opinions and they are certainly entitled to theirs..
  8. My mother taught me to do basic knitting and crochet. I learned to "knit" when I was about 10 and I learned to crochet when I was a teen. I learned on Granny Squares and later picked it up again when I wanted a ripple afghan. My mom showed me the pattern and stitches and said "Now go do it yourself..this one is easy" I ripped it out 4 times before I could get the pattern right but now I can crochet almost anything. I still can't knit worth a darn...LOL
  9. I have my hook case, which holds my small scissors, yarn needle, needle threader, and of course my ENTIRE collection of hooks. I must have a drink and maybe a snack, the TV Remote, a fan blowing on me if the weather is hot and a lap blanket if it is cold. A project bag to hold all of that and sometimes ferrets to raid the bag and try to steal anything plastic or rubberized they think may be in the bag. Also a lamp so I can work in a well lit area. Sometimes a pattern if I am doing a project I am not familiar with. (Actually had one ferret that tried to carry off the hook case but it was heavier than she was and we caught her before she got it off the bed LOL).
  10. I. too, have a ton of WIP...some are things I do not have patterns for as they were WIP that belonged to my mom and she passed away in November...What do I do with THOSE??? Rip them out and use the yarn for somethng else? I also have WIP that I did not have enough yarn for and cannot match, even the No Dye Lot ones don't always match. I also have WIP in other craft areas... My mom and one of her neighbors got me started in plastic canvas before she died and I have AT LEAST 4 of those I am working on. My roomies are threatening my life as my WIPS are taking up a LOT of space in an apartment that isn't mine! I inherited ALL of her yarn and sewing stuff..INCLUDING 3 sewing machines...
  11. Does anyone know how to convert knit patterns to crochet? I would like to do this but have NO CLUE how it is done...Anyone?
  12. Long A here too..never heard it pronounced any other way and I have lived all over the continental US....
  13. I keep some, sell some and give some away. I crochet hats for the homeless..those I give away. I take orders for baby afghans..those I sell and sometimes I actually keep something for myself...
  14. IF I listen to music while crocheting it is ALWAYS classical...very relaxing and not distracting.
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