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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments on my indian blanket. I didn't work on this blanket all the time. I started it about 1 year ago. I found this pattern on ebay and paid $65.00 for the pattern. I have only seen this pattern a few times. I love indian things.
  2. Hi, I finally finished my crocheted indian blanket.Here is a picture of it.
  3. skamper707

    RR into Oval

    I love the looks of this. I like the ripple on the ends. I hope you have a pattern for this.Good job!
  4. Love all of them! You have made some that I have never seen before. Where do you get the patterns from?
  5. Hi, are these afghan's made doing the afghan st?I would love to make some of them, but I don't like doing the afghan st. So can you give more information on the st? Thanks
  6. I like the looks of this . Can't wait to see the pattern written up for it.
  7. I think it is beautiful. Never saw a pattern like this one.
  8. I made this doily pattern and posted a picture of it. I have a medium size lamp in the center of mine. I made mine with yarn. It's really pretty when done.
  9. I joined the free patterns.com site hoping to be able to download there free patterns. Well, I can get into the pattern but not able to print them off. It tells me that it can't be printed off. You can't even ccp it. On the adobe it says it is secured. I wrote to them telling this this but so far no answer from them. Is any one else having this problem?
  10. skamper707

    Wool Eater Afghan

    I just love your colors and the pattern.
  11. Thank everyone for the nice complements on the doily I made. Yes, it's made out of yarn. I's a free pattern and very easy to make. Here is the link to the pattern...... http://www.geocities.com/ididachain/Patterns/patterns.html
  12. In the other indian blanket post I should have but that the pattern is for sale on ebay. That way the ones who want it will look at that post.With this post maybe those of you who want that pattern will look at that post sorry.
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