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  1. http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_rainbowbutie.html
  2. roxycraft

    Tough Love

    Someone said it was TMNT meets Hello Kitty.. Love that!
  3. roxycraft


    I love him!!!!
  4. Wow! Love them!!! *blush* Thanks for the praise
  5. Thanks again for all the kind words! You guys are awesome!
  6. Free Pattern here: http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_gabu.htm
  7. Hi! Designer here. What exactly doesn't make sense? Is is the back loops?
  8. Free pattern here: http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_bo_snowman.htm
  9. Click the picture for the free pattern
  10. roxycraft

    My Lucille Peep

    Yeah! She looks fantastic!
  11. roxycraft


    Yeah for Cedrich! I'm so glad you like the pattern and that your son likes him too.
  12. http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_santa_baby.htm The pattern is a freebie! Freebies forever!
  13. I love it! Great modifications too! I like the long arms and legs!
  14. free pattern here: http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_ornament_pattern.htm
  15. I am starting to incorporate weighted stuffing material into my crochet dolls...so far my techniques is pretty lame. I'm making little felt pouches to keep the beanies from escaping through the holes of my crochet work. I thought of using panty hose, but that might get expensive...just wondering if any of you have done this and know of a better way to do it.
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