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  1. I'm not part of the group anymore, but I do check in just to see what's going on with everyone. Lhasaapsolady, please accept my sympathies on the passing of your mom-in-law. You and your family are in my prayers. MalisaMeesa, hope your ankle feels better. At least you got to play with yarn through the whole ordeal. Sending hugs!
  2. Worked a skein down into a ball on a shawl. I fainally got a positive point! WTD: +1 To those in the USA Happy Independence Day!
  3. I keep jumping back and forth between about eight different projects. I'm not finishing any yarn and I'm running from all those ends and borders! I gotta git focused! WTD: 0 / YTD: -137
  4. Weekly Scores Ending 6/20/2015 Gold Medal Winner: katyallen8090 +10 Silver Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +6 Bronze Medal Winners (It's a Tie!): howieann and owlvamp +2 Fingers Flying and Using Up Yarn!: crabby rat +1 yarn monkey +1 Hold It Steady Mates!: Addicted2patterns 0 greyhoundgrandma 0 pineknott 0 Shannart 0 VikingRunnerGirl 0 yarnscrapper 0 Gotta Stock Up!: HollyzHobbyz -2 BigPinkPolkaDot -8 PBLKNP -8 Fly me to the Moon !!! Braxxi -10
  5. I finally found the warm brown color I needed to finish this other shawl -- another week in the hole -- four skeins. WTD: -8 I'm about to post the scores. Hopefully this will just cut and paste. Blessings everyone!
  6. Shannon, I am so very, very sorry. You and your family have my deepest sympathy. It is a very bittersweet Father's Day for you, sweetie. May God grant your dad eternal rest.
  7. I've had no score for more than a month. This week, I have one, but in the wrong direction. I bought a skein to finish a scarf, two skeins to finally match some other yarn on a shawl and six skeins for a new shawl. WTD: -18
  8. Another week of nothing. It's been about a month! WTD: 0 / YTD: -111
  9. Another big old nothing for me. Once the school year ends and the kids need no more help, I'll have some crochet time. WTD: 0 YTD: -111
  10. Oh! No! Another Zero! WTD: 0 Be safe. Be relaxed. It's Memorial Day! Thank you who have and are serving this wonderful country of ours. We have our freedoms because of you! God Bless you! Just read through the posts. I didn't realize the scores were posted already. I'll save my big nothing for next week!
  11. My hubby bought me 4 skeins at JoAnn's for Mother's Day. WTD: -8
  12. Nothing bought and nothing used. My son has one more month of school and about two months worth of projects. Yikes! I've been helping to do research, but we're moving along slowly! Crunch time! WTD: 0
  13. Worked two skeins into balls on a shawl and rolled another skein from the shawl into a ball. I only needed three rows from that one and will save it to make the border. Now that my team is out of the hockey playoffs, I guess we have to switch to baseball so I can crochet in the evenings. I love movies, but I get too engrossed in them to get any crochet time in. For week ending April 25, 2015; WTD: +3 / YTD: -103
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