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  1. The hat is made out of #10 thread. Thank you everyone for your kind words.
  2. My DGD has very blond and fine hair. So I made her this sunhat to cover her bare head. I love the pattern & it turned out well. You can find the pattern on Crochet Garden & it is free, the best kind.
  3. When I saw this Baby Head Scarf Pattern I thought of my DGD, who lacks in the hair department. It was fun to make. It is hard to see but the scarf has hearts on it, which they are my favorite.
  4. I think they do the patterns in English and then do them in US translation. So it takes a while before both are on the site. I remember that there older patterns have had both on them.
  5. rcvanilla

    Christmas Dolls

    I did four more dolls that did not make it to the picture taking, they were already given away or not made yet. Once on a roll you have to make more. Especially when it is your son's girlfriend and she is in love with what you have done and asks where the babies have gone when I packed them to send to the Grandkids.
  6. rcvanilla

    Christmas Dolls

    Thank you so much for all of the complements. The dolls are different because I get board with doing the same pattern all the time. So I get creative and change things around.
  7. rcvanilla

    Christmas Dolls

    With the different sizes of extremity's, it gives the dolls personality. With mine I noticed that even I made them the same all the heads were sewn on different. But as a group who cares.
  8. rcvanilla

    Christmas Dolls

    I had a hard time deciding which to put this thread under. But I chose this one because you can play with these dolls. I made these for my Grandchildren for Christmas this year. The patterns are on the Lion Brand website and are called Bryan and Shelly. I sent the group picture to my mom and she told me " It's a great group shot because everyone is smiling".
  9. Thanks for all the names now I have 55 friends at Ravelry:cheer:jumpyay:fame, because everyone on Crochetville is a friend. I'm rcvanilla at Ravelry also. Lynda
  10. My daughter had a Hawaiian wedding two years ago and I looked for flowers for a long time, I came up with the these, form Aunt B's. The link for the pictures is below. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=39961&highlight=rcvanilla Aunt B has a yahoo group with her patterns on it. You have to join. Then the flower pattern is under Mis. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/abpatterns/?yguid=299398642 Lynda
  11. I had the same problem. You need to update your Adobe Reader and then the pictures will show up. Lynda
  12. My daughter had shingles when she was 10 years old. She keep on telling me that the skin on her back hurt and I kept looking at it and saw nothing. Then about a month latter she broke out. Then I took her to the Dr. and found out she had shingles.
  13. I just made 4 double hooks last Sunday. I wanted to do a crochet on the double project and did not have the $16.00 for the hooks. So necessity was the mother of invention. Like you I could not find any info on the net so I went for it. I bought wood dowels at Wal-Mart the size around that I needed for my hook. To make the hook I got out one of my crochet hooks and followed it. The first one I made did not turn out right, however I did learn from it. You will need: Carving knife, I used a kitchen paring knife that was sharp Hack saw Sand paper in different grits, 220 is best to finish with 1. Starting about 1 inch from the end of the dowel, cut half way through the dowel, this is where the hook will dip in. 2. With knife carve away the wood, starting at handle side down to tip, where you have cut in the prior step. 3. Stand hook up on table, or in a vice, with Hack saw against angle that you carved in step before. Saw down approximately 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. SHAPING FOR HOOK TIP 4. Make angle cut with Hack saw over hook tip. 5. Carve other side of tip 6. Angle the sides of hook tip to tapper. 7. Sand in finishing shape and get all bumps out. This is a picture of both ends of one of my hooks. They do not come out the same, but still work. Your question on how do you know how big to make the hook? The size of the hook does not matter, as long as the diameter of the handle is the size that you want your stitches to come out. The hook end just pulls the yarn through the loop. I hope you understand this. Lynda
  14. I pick up yarn at the Thrift store all the time. But I have to watch out how the prices are, you can get great deals when you watch closely. I have a book case from Wal-Mart and two XL Space Bags filled with yarn, I would say that 3/4 of it is from the Thrift store. Some people have food storage, I say I have yarn storage. If any thing happens I will be warn and happy crocheting. Lynda
  15. I crocheted flowers out of thread for my Grand-daughters dresses for the June wedding of my Daughter. I looked and looked and found that the best looking flowers were crocheted in thread. Here are a few picutres of what I did. The girls picture did not come out so well and the flowers I just scaned tonight, they have been in a bag sience the wedding and could use a good starching and shaping done to them. But it will give you an idea of what it could look like. If you have time why not learn to crochet with thread and do your flowers for your wedding justice. Sorry about the size it is late. Lynda
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