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    I have lived in many states, attended college as a Senior (age wise). Reno, Nev, all over Calif.
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    Newton County, Missouri Raised in Kankakee, Il
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    knitting, crocheting, plastic canvas
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    bookkeeper, factory worker, waitress
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    afgans, toys, and dolls, purses
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  1. Thank you, Carole, (Lovin2crochet). I am the lucky recipiant of your lovely package. I love both of them, they fit in beautifully in my ghan. [/ATTACH]
  2. Received a beautiful blue square today from Cshort. Thank you so very much, I love it. What a welcome addition to my friendshipghan.
  3. A great big thanks to Amanda, (nira) I received your square today and it is really beautiful, Thank you so much.
  4. You are both very welcome. I am glad they arrived safely and that you like them. Enjoy:yes
  5. You are very welcome, sorry for the reason you needed it.
  6. All the crazy things that have happened and the strange weather this past year has got me to considering that 2012 thing, It does make one begin to wonder:think
  7. Thanks for all the great compliments, everyone!
  8. I not sure, but I think they said the epicenter was Oklahoma City. Don't quote me on that, but it was in Oklahoma.
  9. Boy, I don't either. I just layed there waiting for an aftershock. none came. The CNN news said this morning that there could still be aftershocks.
  10. Finally finished with the Teacup Doll Angel for DGD in her flag twirling costume. I posted a picture under Dolls in the Show and Tell catagories. I posted 9 pkgs of squares this morning, so be on the lookout:cheer. Only a few more and the list will be complete! Sue, I will need a list for the new ones. will send PM. Have a great day everyone! Hey, did any of my neighbors feel the earthquake saturday night. I did, my bed really rocked.
  11. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I put a square for you in the mail this morning.
  12. The square is in the mail, so watch for it! Sorry for your loss.
  13. The doll on the left was made years ago when granddaughter was a cheerleader, the costume being the same as here. Recently she decided she wanted one with her flaf twirling costume, oh my. That thread is so small, but I finally got it done. The pattern is from Annie Potters, Teacup Ragdoll Angels. They are so cute!
  14. I have a dark gray square ready for the mail. Please PM me with an address to send it on Monday.
  15. I received a very pretty square today from Cindy! Thank you so very much, I love the color combination!
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