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    I have lived in many states, attended college as a Senior (age wise). Reno, Nev, all over Calif.
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    Newton County, Missouri Raised in Kankakee, Il
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    knitting, crocheting, plastic canvas
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    bookkeeper, factory worker, waitress
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    afgans, toys, and dolls, purses
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  1. Thanks everyone., I used primary colors. thinking that it would be a learning experience for a child.
  2. Thanks, for the compliment. Newton County is down south in the four corners area, with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. Right next to Joplin, after this year I'm sure you know where that is.
  3. Thanks for all the compliments. Well, it wasn't quite a million, but it was 2 ends for each square! Thanks for looking!
  4. I used corner Entrelac to do this pattern by Cherri Lacey. I adapted each crocheted square to entrelac. The only problem was a million ends to tie in. Enjoy!
  5. Glad they arrived. I have had a few that I never heard from, so didn't know. Good luck!!!
  6. I will have one or two on the way this week. Sorry for the bad news about your friend. I have your addy from friendshipghan.
  7. I tried the addy and it did not work, are you going to reboot this thread, of what?
  8. I'm in Neosho, which is outside of Joplin. I had not heard of Thayer. Nice to meet you:yay
  9. Most certainly give the ghan to the soldiers family. It really is up to you to do whatever you feel is right. Would be glad to send more squares for another ghan. let us know:manyheart:hug
  10. I finished up my beachbag, I love it. Since I have no beach, I am going to use it as a tote bag for packages going to the Post Office. Here is the picture:cheer
  11. I sent off a package this morning with 2 of each color. Let me know when they arrive. I hope they are what you need.
  12. I will be 72 next Monday. Now I feel old, I went thru the list and there was only one person older than me. I self taught from a book, when I was 19, so I guess it has been 53 years. But alot of those years I was not , I was raising kids, and working to support them.
  13. I would love to join in on this one. How many squares are you going to need. Pm me your address, they will be in the mail next monday. Many blessings will be returned to you for what you are doing. Your husband is really brave
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