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    46 yrs old and grandmother of 5
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    west virginia
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    making cancer awareness items
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    35 years
  1. If anyone can help looking for civil war shawl and snood, and anything else you may find thanks for looking:think
  2. Just wanted to say hi and am still living have had a lot of health problems so have not been doing to much, getting better thanks for all the warm Birthday wishes and you will see me here more:clap
  3. glad to see you with use, hope u enjoy this site as much as I do:hug
  4. glad to see you with use, hope u enjoy this site as much as I do:clap
  5. glad to see you with use, hope u enjoy this site as much as I do:cheer
  6. glad to see you with use, hope u enjoy this site as much as I do:manyheart
  7. sorry jesicagil I have a nut house here and it hard to keep up with things, I also just found some more of the yarn that should have been in your box so I will send it out as soon as I can will try to write a note for you please forgive me the kids have moved home because DD had a stroke and needs help
  8. MaryJo your bag is the bomb I love it the colors are great, sorry have not been on much with DD having a stork and the kids I have very little time for me and the computer, Just had to see your bag great job love it keep up the good job:hug
  9. great thanks for sharing I really enjoyed wayching that and it will help out alot thanks so much
  10. great Ideal I also have been keeping up with address so that if I want to send a wish gift I just check and see what someone needs thanks for the tip I will try that
  11. Now I have more reasons to look for the mail you ladies ou, Mary Jo, MissMax, Elle, and Sue will be keeping the entire 'ville on there toes checking out for mail can't wait to see what else goes on here great job ladies I enjoy your work and you have been great teachers I have learned alot of new thing from each of you so thanks so much, and I will be on pins and hooks looking at that mail truck:hug
  12. Sue your bags are great and I think what your doing is great as well keep up the good work I enjoy seeing the things you make
  13. that was great see things have a way of working out, and you never know when it will happen so glad it happened to you. good luck
  14. I talked to my partner thats sending to me and I tried to talk to the one that am sending to
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