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    Love to read and travel. Suddenly single after 40+ years! Have 4 adult sons and 5 grandchildren.
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    Southern California
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    Crocheting! Reading, visiting with friends, traveling and visiting out of the way places.
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    RN working in OB.
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    Things I can finish fairly quickly -- must have a short attention span!
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  1. Anybody else watch Clean Sweep, the cable show about decluttering one's home? The organizer (a male BTW, who probably isn't a "Crochet Dude" ) says he frequently encounters people who "horde" books and people who "horde" yarn. I'm guilty on both fronts. Only I think of it as a planning ahead, and having books and yarn on hand, not hoarding. I'm trying to crochet down some of my stash, and recycle already-read books, but still...lots of tubs of yarn, and shelves full of books.
  2. Hello, and a warm welcome from Southern California.
  3. Hi, and welcome, from Southern California. I haven't had much luck with chenille as a fringe. The texture just isn't right. I end up making a crochet edge for my chenille scarves, You might play around with a long picot or something similar, and see how you like the look.
  4. Hello, and welcome from soggy Southern California. You will enjoy this site!
  5. Welcome, from soggy Southern California. The half-double chain one pattern works well for a baby blanket, if you use two strands and a P hook. It makes a soft and pretty blanket.
  6. Welcome, Myra, from another Southern California crocheter. You designs are wonderful. Love the dog coat, but my macho mutt wouldn't allow it!
  7. Hello, and welcome from beautiful Southern California.
  8. ranieannie


    Hello. Glad you rediscovered crocheting, and discovered this site. It is warm and friendly, and helpful!!
  9. A warm and sunny welcome from Southern California.
  10. Hello. Welcome, from sunny Southern California.
  11. A warm and sunny "Welcome" from Southern California.
  12. Hello, and welcome, from sunny Southern California.
  13. A big "Hello" from Southern California. I'm another left-handed knitter and crocheter, so if you ever want to force the issue with your mom, we lefties are teachable!
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