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  1. With the new year came some bad news. I work in the car industry and might soon loose my job..just found out my salary is being cut by 10% and loosing dental insurance..it's going down hill fast. Anyhow, I've sold on ebay in the past but the cost of listings are getting higher all the time. You have to double list your products if you want to ensure reaching a broader market. I didn't know about etsy until I hooked (hehe) up with this forum...now I'm addicted! I see there are a lot of people on there...but I know no one who sells on the site. If anyone can tell me if they have listings on etsy and how successful they've been with it? I have some crochet items...some hand sculpted dolls...that sorta thing.... Thanks to all!
  2. elfears92

    Little Devil

    Great! I think it turned out really well!
  3. Welcome..I'm new too and the people have been wonderful! I found that I can use photobucket to host my pics..if not they are too large to post here.... Look forward to seeing your stuff!
  4. elfears92

    Some photos

    I put some photos on photobucket of the things I've made in the last few months..they're not great but I'm learning...I don't know how people do all those fancy stitches....whew... http://s624.photobucket.com/albums/tt326/elfears92/Crochet/
  5. My Sis taught me to do a chain...she gave up becuase I was hopeless...I knew I wanted to learn and I taught myself a few months ago. I can't follow patterns..but I have fun creating my own little critters.... http://s624.photobucket.com/albums/tt326/elfears92/
  6. elfears92


    How adorable! I do love the crochet legs! I can see that in an Easter basket...I love the bunny as well! Did you use a pattern on it?
  7. Can't wait to see it! The pipe cleaner legs just wouldn't hold up to young kids.
  8. This little guy almost didn't make it. I finished him last night and the cats thought it was a toy...found it on the living room floor with a leg chewed off this morning...hehe...living with 4 cats and a motorcyle racer makes crocheting a necessity! I love looking at pics of what everyone is making.
  9. The feet were a bit tricky. Just take a fuzzy stick (what we used to call pipe cleaners) and I bent it about 2 inches over itself from the top...twisted it to make it stronger..then just tried to bend the 'toes' in different sections back and forth...with one behind the leg to make it stand...play around with it and it will work. I shoved a small screwdriver in the bottom of the body to make room for the leg and it keeps from bending the leg so much while inserting it. Let me know if you need any help! Crocheting is fun...I'm loving this!
  10. elfears92

    Bowling man

    How cute and original!
  11. So fun to make..and easy too! My nephew saw this bird somewhere and wanted one...in orange...his favorite color!
  12. elfears92

    Amigurumi doggies

    Those are awesome! I'm currently working on dogs too! I will try to post them when I get done...great job!
  13. I've been teaching myself to crochet! This is a blast after I put down the pattern book and found out it just intimidates me. I spend hours just playing with yarn..life is good....hello to everyone! Jamie
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