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  1. Hey, all. I'm not so great at following along, i'll try better tomorrow! Thanks for all the welcomes I am working on... 1) a set of dishrags for a charity quarter auction event 2) a set of "wristers" for a friend 3) a ruffles scarf for my mom and 4) a sparkly scarf for myself. I CANNOT be working on only one item. Ever. LOL So I may start on a fifth when one of those is done, I saw a pattern in a magazine for a "bowl" that holds your yarn from rolling off the table, I want one! So i'll make it. I am in Mt. Pocono. Actually, just past the casino and caesar's resorts. hazleton is about 45 or so minutes, i believe, although I've never been there. Anyway, "see" you all tomorrow, and I'll try to follow along better.
  2. Hello, all! It's been such a long time since I posted in crochetville that the kid in my avitar is now 5! I dropped crocheting while my littles were all toddling around and making major messes. now I have time to pick it back up. Hope you all don't mind me joining your flat
  3. Interested in whatever size you have left I can always make it for myself (s, m) or as a gift (l, xl)
  4. It's gorgeous, and you are a wonderful friend
  5. I have taught a few people, but there was one I couldn't teach. I am sure you aren't a bad teacher. Maybe she just needs to learn another way? I have taught both with the person sitting next to me, and with the person sitting across from me, depending on the learning style. some people actually learn better with a book in front of them, and the teacher showing what the steps in the book mean. that's actually how I learned the first time.
  6. Hey, all. I have been knitting for some time, but still qualify as a beginner - I always get frustrated and put it down because I can't knit nearly as well as I can crochet. Right now I am working on a "Boa scarf". It's one of those fur yarns that I can't crochet with, thus the knitting. I do that occasionally - I see a project that just can't be done in crochet, and take out the needles. Frustrating, but I hope to get better over time.
  7. Melanie, I hope you are feeling better. I did get some stitching in - I have been carving out time every day How is everyone's week going?
  8. Same as Jaden, here. I hold the hook overhand, but I don't move my arm - just my wrist and fingers.
  9. Joanne, from my "calculations," you live not more than 3.5 hours from me... Easton is about an hour and a half from here. I am near mt. pocono. Hope you all are able to beat the heat! Thankfully my car has good AC, I will be in it most of the day. Then I will come home and spend time downstairs in the finished section of the basement, because it will be too hot upstairs. maybe I will get some stitching in
  10. all right - so you all are getting yarn from somewhere... but where? Around here, we have an AC Moore and that's it. Yesterday, we took the pilgrimage to JoAnn Fabrics, which is about 45 or so minutes away, and I was sorely disappointed. I hadn't been there in so long and I didn't realize they scaled back everything but fabrics and patterns. So there were no more choices for yarn than at Walmart. So tomorrow, I have to drop my kids off with their dad, and I pass a Hobby Lobby on the way home. Okay, so I don't pass it directly, but it's a 2.5 hr drive each way.. I don't think a few side streets is really out of the way. So anyway, I am hoping to find a better selection there. The Red Heart yarn only gets you so far!
  11. Thanks, guys. I don't have any pics yet - I have a new phone cam and have to figure it out, LOL I think I use too much facebook, I keep looking for the "like" button
  12. Thanks, guys! Lots of "new faces" that I can't wait to "meet"
  13. Rose, I have heard mention of that here, but can't figure out how to find it
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