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    Born on April 7. Mother to a 3 year old boy<3
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    Crocheting (of course), knitting, bakng, reading, Signing (ASL), music
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    since 1998. I was 10 when I got "hooked"
  1. wow lots of RNs, LPNs!! lots of HELP!!!! LOL... Will I be able to ask you ladies for help when I start?? lolPLZZ!!! lol I start Aug 30. I have my Foundations of Nursing class, as well as clinicals at i-don't-know-what rotation. I'm so excited yet sooo scared!!!! I know it'll be 2 years that will be SOOOO tough, but soooo worth it!!! Can't wait to begin!!!! planning on going to the NICU once i'm done. or perhaps even L&D we shall see!!! =)v:clap:clap:clap so happy! hehe.. I havent crocheted this weekend..BAD ALLY... lol I went to Deaf Church yesterday, that was an experience! WOW! Anyone here know ASL??
  2. GOOD AFTERNOON HOUSE!!!! =) I've got GREAT news to share with you!!!! I got accepted into the Nursing Program!!!!!
  3. Thank you! the kids are finally sleeping... time to get my needles, hook and yarn out! i have 3 projects going on at once! i realized last night that i do not own many different colors of yarn... i have a TON of blacks, pinks, beige and Greens.... boring right? haha... tmrw... i'll buy some YELLOW or some PURPLE! or a rainbowish yarn! I wish we had a better yarn selection at our michaels!
  4. Thanks Linda! Julie, I wonder why also.. something to do with the Moon and the Sun rotation perhaps? on a good note, its almost naptime for the kids!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
  5. Hello all!!! I read it's someone's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I must be having the WORST day of my life! I woke up and was 30 minutes late! there was no hot water in my house (my mother [i still live with my mother.. while I go to Nursing School...] decided to take an HOUR shower!!!!)so I took a COLD shower, got out late, didnt have time to drink my coffee (i'm a zombie without my first cup of 'joe' and my head will hurt the whole day if I don't drink any) completely... I forgot to take my zyrec D (my mother decided to move them from the kitchen counter to I dont know where)... so my allergies are killing me... my car wouldn't start (which I have no idea why! it's only 3 years old and I made sure my lights and everything was turned OFF last night when I got home from class), then i got to the neighborhood where I work (I babysit full time... i'm a nanny, I suppose?) and I realized I left my lunch at home (i'm a vegetarian and they have no veggies or anything in their house).... ugh... Nothing like a little crochetting wont help... oh! and my 3 year old son and the almost 4 year old girl I babysit have decided to TERRORIZE the house... and EVERYTHING is a mess now... ::sighs:: sorry all..I just needed to vent.
  6. hello all!! Diane-- WOW GREAT FIND!!! like someone mentioned "you went treasure hunting and found gold!" That is just AMAZING!!!! I've been searching for a project to work on. i got an order for a scarf with an argyle pattern on it, and i started it last night. i'll post pictures when I upload my iphone pix to the computer. lol
  7. the pattern can be found here but I just realized it's not in a round so I won't be able to use it ...
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome =) as for the CAL, like my son would say "Well HOT DOG!!!!" I can't wait to get started! =) i found a pattern for a scarf which has a butterfly in it... perhaps I can cut out the actual "scarf" part of the pattern and focus on the butterflies=)
  9. good morning all! Sorry I should have mentioned my name haha... I'm Alessandra (Ally for short). I've been crocheting little girl ponchos lately (6M-6Years). Circular afghans sound like fun. Is everyone starting their afghan soon? I'll have to look up a pic for what I want to make. I've been working on a striped blanket for about 3 weeks as well... keep running out of yarn haha... I'll post up pictures of what i've been doing... perhaps get some pointers from you lovely ladies as well. Marisa--Banana Bread is my FAVORITE!!!!!! I make banana bread at least once a month and into little muffins for easy fixes for my son haha..
  10. Hi everyone! I've been a member here for about 2 years now, and was hoping to join in on the CAL. I've never done one before, but was hoping to find out more information on it and what project/s everyone is doing. Thanks!
  11. wow such a nice and warm welcome!! and yeah 20 and a mom.. early.. but hey.. hes my inspiration every day. i wake up for work for him, and go to school full time at night for him also. nursing major. =] 2 more years =]
  12. same i made my first drawstring bag yesterday.. came out OK lol considering it was my first bag PERIOD lol i've only crocheted hats and scarves and squares for quilts before lol
  13. i was looking up knitting/crocheting smileys for twilightmoms forum, and found this site.. i'm uubbeerr happpyy!!! lol and lookie here!! crocheting smiley!! hehe i crochet/knit everyday.. all day lol hmm.. a little about me... uhh.. i'm 20... im a mom... i love to knit/crochet.. i love twilight... and.. i'm happy to have found all of you with the same intrest in making handmade things =] woot woot
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