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    I love how crochet is so versatile! I design, teach, and write about it. My books are Crochet Bouquet, Crochet Garden, and Cute Crochet World.
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    crochet, knitting, sewing, polymer clay, anything to do with buttons
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    flowers and other small, pretty things
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    since about 1972
  1. Thank you, howieann and greyhoundgrandma!
  2. It's done! The crochet charm lace project I started for this CAL. Yay!
  3. This is made from lots of crocheted motifs sewn together and then sewn to an artist's canvas. It was finished in June, but I couldn't post it because I was going to enter it into the CGOA Design Competition. Now it's hanging in my living room. Yay!
  4. Photo tutorial for a Frost Flower/Snowflake. http://www.textilefusion.com/bookblog/?p=881
  5. Finally finished a Crochet Charm Lace piece, but not the orange flowers table mat I started on. That one will get finished at some point. The new one is called "TelevisionStars Scarf." Did anyone else make a piece? I hope you'll post your efforts here, so we can see them too! Here's mine:
  6. Thanks for the compliment, bhensler! lynnf, baby blankets are way more important! Maybe decorate them with crocheted flowers?
  7. Well, it's pretty silly when the organizer of the Crochet Along can't meet her own deadline! But that's what happened. It was for a good reason, though! Last month I got a magazine project, which was a Crochet Charm Lace scarf. It's so pretty. Whenever it comes out--probably in the fall--I will post on Crochetville to tell you about it. Anyway, if you haven't started your Crochet Charm Lace project or haven't finished it (like me), let's give ourselves some more time. How about a new deadline of the end of March? Oh, I did start sewing my orange flowers together. I can ne
  8. >> the motif for the CAL is flower only right? << loocahswit--they don't have to be flowers. You want motifs that you can put together in a free form way, like odd shapes and different sizes. For mine, I have only two slightly different flower patterns, but they are different sizes because I used all different kinds of yarn. If you study the photos in the first post of this topic, you can get an idea of what might work. Mostly I used flowers, but the pink scarf also has paisleys, and some of the other projects have leaves. Do you see what I mean about fitting the motifs
  9. Good luck with the scarf, and thanks for joining us!
  10. Finally finished crocheting motifs and then pinned them! Anyone else making progress?
  11. The daisies for my Crochet Charm Lace project are finally finished, including sewing the crocheted centers in place and weaving in the ends. But they turned out all curly. That always happens to me with those one-row petals. Time to block! Time to blog about blocking! You will find instructions and photos about blocking here: http://www.textilefusion.com/bookblog/?p=789 Here are the before and after pictures:
  12. Mona, amazingly I have seen that pattern before. It is very pretty. And yes, you could rearrange the motifs and even create the same motifs with smaller yarns to fill in some of the spaces. Unless you have a place where you can lay everything out and leave it, you will need a good-sized template. A bed sheet would probably work well.
  13. loocahswit--a few yarns are fine! You can use what you have leftover from other projects. I have been thinking about making a Crochet Charm Lace project with only one yarn in only one color. It might be very elegant looking. You said that making motifs might be challenging for you. You can find easy flower motifs online and also in the many flower crochet books we have on the market (and hopefully in the library, too). If you choose a motif from one of my books, I'll be glad to do a tutorial for it on my blog, which should help. It's great that you want to challenge yourself--i
  14. lynnf--yay! I'm glad you're in. The first step is choosing yarns and motifs--yarns can be anything. There are so many motif books and patterns out now, that the major problem will be to whittle down your choices. Do you already have colors and motifs in mind?
  15. Mona, you've got me curious about the afghan you're making. It's weird that there are no instructions for putting it together. Is there a picture of it online that we can see? You could arrange the motifs and sew them together like Crochet Charm Lace. It wouldn't hurt to try.
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