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    Married to my wonderful Matt, with two pets- Lucy (mixed breed dog) and Trouble (Siamese mix cat)
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    Oil City, PA
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    Reading, crocheting, watching the Cleveland Indians
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    Recent graduate looking for a job
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  1. Quiet dissident, I am glad that you posted a picture! I have finished the body of the bag, but I still need to do the straps and the edging. It looks awesome right now!
  2. I got my swap package today!! Thanks quiet dissident! You are awesome ! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! My partner spoiled me pretty bad. There is an overview of the awesome package: -4 skeins of beautiful blue/green variegated yarn for my project (Inga's crocheted bag) - 2 skeins of really pretty dark blue (with some shimmery bits) mohair yarn - 2 balls of brown/white cotton (which will match my kitchen colors perfectly) - 3 great books (thanks so much, the music book is beautiful, and I needed some new reading material - a pretty blue, green, and yellow bookmark that will immediately be put to use - a gorgeous necklace made by her mom (I am wearing it right now, it is so pretty, and is just my style. P.S. Great minds think alike, right? ) - stitch markers, because she knows I want to try my hand at clothing...and these things seem to be necessary. I have the ring kind, and I always end up messing up the yarn trying to remove them, so I just don't bother. These will be great. - A Susan Bates bamboo handled hook!!! I told her that people rave about Bates hooks, but I hadn't tried one. I cannot wait to use it! - Two really pretty picture frames. I just need to find equally pretty pictures to put in them. - Three hotpads, in really beautiful colors, which we definitely needed. - 100 Crochet Projects. It really has 100 projects, too. There are some great patterns in there for me to try out, and many that will be great for gifts. I intend to try a shrug once I finish my project. - the pattern for Inga's Crocheted Bag. It looks really great, and definitely portable. I will be on campus probably a couple hours before class (relatively non-existent public transportation stops at 4 pm) and I can just make several squares and stow them with ease. Plus, the pattern looks like it would be great for gifts as well. - mix cd, which I will listen to ASAP. - a great card - and a beautiful tote bag to carry my project in. It is my style and it has the perfect colors. And an awesome button. Some close-ups: My awesome package! Some of the items got a little cropped out. Look at the pretty yarn! She did a great job picking out colors for me! My new, beautiful bag to carry projects in (You did an awesome job on it!) And, finally, my cat Trouble got some treats from her new cat pal Lina. Trouble is a sweet cat, she doesn't usually look this surly. The flash bothered her, and she is blind in one eye which doesn't make her very photogenic. I have more photos, but my computer is mad at me for uploading and looking at a messageboard. So I better submit before it gets too angry. I am off to send my partner a lengthy PM. As long as the wireless I am...borrowing...holds up.
  3. I'm glad your stuff got there so quickly! I had a wonderful time with this swap! You have been a wonderful pattern and friend, and I hope that we keep in touch. :hugI hope that you find a good shawl pattern for when you finish your ongoing project! (and my stationery is awesome. I use it for all my important, personal letters).
  4. Am I just being colorblind...or is there no yellow in that generator? The one that looked orangish/yellowish was gold. But it is a cool generator, I am bookmarking it.
  5. Quiet Dissident, You're package is on its way! Watch your mailbox! I'll pm you the confirmation number.
  6. I started a new tote. I am determined to keep making things until the last minute. Everyone's packages look great!
  7. My DH gets paid on the 10th, so I will be mailing out my partner's package pretty close to the deadline. Sorry quiet dissident! But, it gives me more time to fill it up. I decided to start over with the tote thing. I like this one much better so far.
  8. I may need to upgrade to a larger box for my partner. I have it jammed pretty full, and there is still some more stuff that needs to go in there. I made two bags, and I am trying to decide if I should send both, just one, or make another one and choose two. I am on the fence about this. Hmmm. Either way I am hoping to mail it out this weekend, Friday or Saturday. I need to get back to work.
  9. Matt just runs. He started at the basic run, until it unlocked the free run. He started at 10 minutes and when he could do that without pouring out sweat, he moved up to 20 minutes. When he could do that with ease he ran 30 minutes, and when that got too easy he added weights. He did it every day for about three months. He stopped for awhile but kept the weight off. He and I started running together, everyday, about a week and a half ago. We did 10 minutes for a week, and are now up to 20 minutes. He runs with weights on alternate days, since he is in better shape. I am exhausted by the end of the run. We do it right after we wake up. I love the yoga on the Wii Fit, and the stepping (you can buy an extender to make the board higher, and I want one). But the weight loss is from the straight cardio of running. I feel silly sometimes, running in the living room, but I am too shy/self-concious to exercise in front of anyone aside from Matt right now. Once I get to a better place physically and emotionally we are talking about going for a real run in a park.
  10. Autumn_nights84, Thanks for the hug! I cannot say enough good things about Nintendo, they have been awesome. If they cannot fix our Wii they will replace it for free. And they will also extend our warranty, for free, for another year once we get it back. My DH Matt has lost over 40 pounds just by running in our living room using the Wii Fit. I had just started doing the same thing. I was at a week when it broke. I gave up pop and started running, and I lost 10 pounds so far. We are just running without weighing in or keeping track of our workouts now.
  11. Those little bears are adorable! And I think that the purses look great, and I don't notice anything wrong with the blue one.
  12. I have received the internet order, so I am just working on extras and waiting until Matt's payday. I am also waffling between some choices. In non-swap news, we had a bad storm Tuesday evening. It must have been right on top of the trailer park because it blew up our television, our wireless router, and our Wii. Luckily, our Wii is somehow still under warranty, so they will fix it for free and they pay for shipping. My mom has an old tv in my gram's basement that she said we can have.
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