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    Married to my wonderful Matt, with two pets- Lucy (mixed breed dog) and Trouble (Siamese mix cat)
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    Oil City, PA
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    Reading, crocheting, watching the Cleveland Indians
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    Recent graduate looking for a job
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    bags, scarves, wallets
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  1. Am I just being colorblind...or is there no yellow in that generator? The one that looked orangish/yellowish was gold. But it is a cool generator, I am bookmarking it.
  2. I've never tried thread, either. I get my yarn from goodwill/ sal val and yard sales, and sometimes there is a skein of wool or some thread mixed in. It took a long time, since I am not patient, and it had to soak in warm vinegar forever. I haven't used it yet, but I want to try felting, and I have a small amount of thin wool stockpiled from my yarn grab bags over the last year. I made it a lemon/lime color. And used up all my food coloring.
  3. Those are beautiful! I tried to dye wool once, using a crock pot and food coloring. It worked okay, but I would love to try your spray bottle technique.
  4. I also tie knots. I never make a test swatch, which often bites me in the butt. I just cannot bring myself to do it. I am a good started, but a terrible finisher. Lots of UFOs in my craft room. I also am not fond of 'fancier' yarns. My friend bought me mohair yarn and I hate that it sheds all over me. It also makes me itchy, which worries me. I look at patterns for inspiration, but usually just wing it for most projects. My bags and scarves are spur of the moment creations.
  5. Hi! Welcome! I am from Oil City, not too far away, in Venango county.
  6. Hi! Welcome! I am not too far from you.
  7. I think that the bags with velcro to attach to chairs/walkers/beds are a great idea. My gram has one on her walker that was sewn for her, and she keeps her pills, water, remote, and tissues in it. Along with the all important cat treats for her spoiled kitty.
  8. I have a craft book from the 70s that has amazing bean bag/ottoman things. If I had the patience I would have the most garish, scrap yarn bean bags ever.
  9. Great and appropriate name, and a beautiful bag!
  10. That is AMAZING! I am so jealous! I have been wanting to make some goomba pillows...and now I may need to drag out the graph paper and get to work...
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