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    I am married to my wonderful USN Hubby and we have 2 cats and 2 beagles..
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    polymer clay,drawing, flea marketing, football, reading,penpalling,postcards
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    Cashier, housekeeper
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    blankets, dishclothes, doilies
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    Since Dec 2008
  1. Welcome Analise I received a beautiful verigated blue square from Katie today:clap I love the colors and am looking forward to adding to an afghan that I am working on! Thanks katyallen8090
  2. I love the color choices. Awesome afghan
  3. Verigated or solid colors or a combination of the two, I'm excited to be part of the group! QUOTE=katyallen8090;2516287]Skoggy has a pic up now on this post of new baby.... stop by and say congratz to them both! Also, we have a new member. Might i Introduce Tanya, also known as Starryeyed24! Here is her preferences....... and I quote... " I'd like to receive 12" squares, ww yarn, verigated,and any color except pink, yellow and purple. There we go, this one ought to be lots of fun! Tanya, do you mean varigated exclusively,or will you be accepting solids as well??? Thanks for joining, everyone, a Yarn Hill Welcome is in order! :applause
  4. my package came today from Segi1974 She sent me some lovely yarn: 3 Skeins of Caron One pound red yarn. I can't wait to hook up an afghan with it. She also included some goodies A Crochet Dude hook with comfortable grip. A cute Christmas cross stitch kit Berry flavored tea and a beautiful notepad that is going on my fridge:clap Thanks so much Segi!
  5. Thanks so much I would be thrilled to win the annies attic bookmarks book
  6. Of course money would be the most immediate need at this time. I did come across an organization that is collecting handmade items such as washcloths, or lightweight blankets. You can also donate new items such as hygiene items clothing ,first aid and more Bev's Country Cottage has more information on her site if anyone is interested
  7. I will be making some newborn and preemie items to donate.. Excited to get started and help the tiny ones
  8. Dragonpuck I love the bells that you used for the clown's feet ..What a cute idea
  9. Just checking out everyone's projects and I finally took a picture of my little bluebird, I didn't make the other one because I didn't like the comb that went on top of the head But the pattern is from one of my Crochet Today mags.
  10. Colleenka That was the exact pattern that i had in mind :lolI had seen a few that others had made on Ravelry and happen to have that issue. Have started one of them but just gotta do a few finishing touches Hope to post pics soon
  11. I tested this pattern for Bella Crochet and then gave the set to a friend for her baby shower, The blanket is basically an 8 point round ripple It was really fun to make and turned out beautiful.
  12. starryeyed24

    Round Ripple

    You did a wonderful job:)
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