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  1. The yarn is Cascade Yarns. Color No. 7619 heh. But it's a tweed. Kind of a dark olive green with different color specks in it. It's 90% peruvian highland wool and 10% Donegal (tweed).
  2. and here's a close up of the stitches...
  3. Well I bought Drew's book that's got some great patterns in it for guys. And I've started on a sweater. Can't remember which one it is off the top of my head, but it's got a pretty cool collar on it. But I thought I'd keep a log of my progress. So here's a couple pics of the sweater so far. It's the beginning of the back. I'm a bigger guy, so I'm having to adjust the pattern to fit me heh. And I'm not a fast crocheter, so this will probably take me quite awhile to finish up heh.
  4. Hey all, Thanks again for all the warm welcomes. ...about guys and needlework... I'm taking a knitting class here in town and I can tell the teacher isn't used to working with guys. Last week was our first class and everytime she would go around to see how we were doin, she'd nonchalantly bypass me heh. I didn't really have any problems though and if I had I would have asked her, but it was kinda funny that she would stop by just about everyone except me. But anyways, it's an odd stigma that society has placed on needlework... that it's a "feminine" activity. I'm an artist and an architect. I just love to create things, whether sketches, paintings, pottery, or even buildings, and I find needlework as just another media of art. I love the textures and the compositions; the rhythms and the repitition... sounds like alot of the things I look for in good architecture heh. But it's also amazing to see a fabric come together after you've spent so many hours working on it. Oh and Fropolean, I misspoke on the name of that yarn store... it's The Quilt Tree, not the quilt barn heh. And yes Emeraldjayne, you guys need to come up and see Alaska. It's amazing. Everytime my family's been up to visit, they say just how much fun it is. This last summer, my cousin brought her 2 kids up. They were 9 and 6, and they still talk about it. Earlier this winter, it was snowing down there and the littler one says, wow if it's snowing here, I wonder how much Rick is getting in Alaska! hehehe. It's really cool to have made such a good impact on em.
  5. wyckofr

    My Gamer Child

    Great job Nana and what an awesome story. Good luck with the costume... keep us up to date
  6. Boy, it sure is gettin chilly again Fropolean. I've been going to The Quilt Barn. It's in a little strip mall behind Barnes and Noble on Benson (just before you get to Denali). It's a great shop. I'm taking a knitting class there right now. The ladies there are very helpful. They also sell quiviat, which I'd love to use someday when I have an extra couple hundred bucks haha. I haven't been out to Palmer since this summer. Which place are ya talkin about?
  7. Hey there Ken, I got the book too. There's several knitting patterns in it, so I'm taking a knitting class now heh. Can't say I find it as easy as crocheting yet, but it'll just take some time.
  8. wyckofr

    My Gamer Child

    Wow, there's alot of folks that play WoW.... I'm one too and I gotta say very good job! I love it!!
  9. Hey there -M! I'm from Anchorage. Welcome :D:D
  10. Hey there KelsJez! I'm from Anchorage. Welcome!
  11. Hey thanks guys! The pattern is found here http://www.mylifetime.com/lifestyle/home-crafts/craft-ideas/needle-arts/lidsville The only thing that's not shared is the template for the brim. I just guessed as to how it needed to look. It's like a crescent, and I just trimmed it down till it fit in the brim piece. It can also be found in the Son of Stitch & *Ahem* (a word I don't wish to say on here). It's a book that's got patterns for guys.
  12. Hey there Rolling Backpack So awesome you live up here. Hope staying warm through this cold 'snap.' Man, I sure hope it warms up a little this weekend. Stitchymama, that's cool you guys are thinkin about moving up here. It's quite an experience moving up here heh, but so worth it. I love it up here. When I get a chance, I should share some pictures I've taken while I've been up here. Been on several wildlife cruises and hikes that have been mind blowing. I've had my grandparents, parents, and cousins up here since moving up. They all have said their trip to Alaska was the best time they've ever had.
  13. Here's a hat I made using a pattern I found online. Thought it turned out pretty cool. Rick
  14. doh, accidentally double posted, and I can't figure out how to delete it...
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