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    A new mommy, a project manager, and a crafter, all in one!
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    Austin, Texas
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    Cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, reading, and cleaning up after my husband.
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    Project Manager
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    I love the 63 Squares afghan! Projects like that keep me interested.
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    I started crocheting in 2004
  1. That starghan is great! I love those colors...they are so bright and friendly. I've started the fourth ball of the Microspun shawl, and I'm halfway through that, too. So only two and a half more to go, and that sucker is DONE!
  2. So far, I'm in the middle of my third ball, with three more to go. It was intended to be a cover up for nursing my son, but seeing as he's six months old and refused to nurse from the beginning, I guess that purpose is out of the window. Thanks for the compliments...it's a really great pattern, and best of all, it was free!
  3. I totally forgot! I can join this one AND the UFO along all at once...I have a Microspun Ripple Shawl that I MUST finish because it's the softest, greatest thing ever. So count me in! (Please ignore the foot in the lower left hand corner of the picture...it sneaks into any picture I take like this.)
  4. Ack! I have a lot of UFOs to finish...a star afghan I started for my son, a pink baby blanket for a friend, a Homespun afghan for my sister, and there's some mysterious white mass of yarn that looks vaguely like the beginnings of a shawl, but I can't tell what pattern I was using, or even what size hook. Looks like THAT one is heading straight to the frogger! This is such a great idea. Why start something new when I've got all of these fantastic things to finish? (If only I could remember that next time I want to start a new project...)
  5. Wow! I actually need one of those for my son's upcoming christening...I wish that I had found that pattern and made him one that beautiful! Really great work. It's a fantastic heirloom for some lucky new mom!
  6. Are you still accepting new projects? I've got to do a baby blanket for a friend, and I've got a great pattern in my head...I thought a ripple would just set it off perfectly. This, at least, forces me to get it done!
  7. I'm working on this shawl too, in the mango color...it's nice to see a finished one! I'm on the fourth of six yarn balls for it, so just a little more than halfway done. Great job! It looks fabulous!
  8. I don't know if I would have finished it so fast if I weren't so pregnant...it's easier to sit and crochet than to do anything else in the house. Crochet is one of the few things the big belly doesn't get in the way of!
  9. You can definitely add it to the gallery! That's half the reason I took the picture.
  10. The afghan is DONE! The colors aren't coming out properly in the picture, of course, but I used Red Heart Aran, Dark Plum and Medium Plum. Even after a good washing, the afghan is still in one peice.
  11. Scarily, the joining is going super fast...I've already got four columns joined individually, and then I've joined THOSE four together. SO basically, I have three columns to join together and then to add to the body of the afghan. This joining thing scared me at first, but it's so easy once you get into it! I'm hoping to get the entire thing finished over the weekend so that I can start concentrating on my sister's wedding, which is in two weeks and will be held in my home!
  12. I have FINISHED all of the squares! I'm kinda surprised at how fast the last few went...I think I was in such a fever to get them done that they practically flew off the hook. I'm currently in the process of joining them, and even that is going pretty darn fast (I managed to get two rows done and joined together last night, even down to weaving in the ends on the joins!) I can't wait to get this thing finished so that I can take a picture of it and show you guys! I'm thinking of doing a pillow out of the leftover yarn to match the afghan, but my hands are starting to complain about all of the crochet.
  13. I hate to admit it, but I'm skipping #53 and #54...I HATE the puff stitches! I'm just going to substitute two other patterns (I haven't decided on which two) from squares in the other colors. There is so much going on in this afghan that I don't think that anyone will ever notice.
  14. I think what you're talking about is like the beaded crochet scarf trim in the new Simply Creative Crochet magazine. That might be a source to help you out, if you can locate a copy!
  15. I would definitely love the pattern, if you have the time to write it up. It looks like it would be great for the holiday season.
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