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    Crafts: crochet, jewelry, scrapbooking; Reading romance, sci-fi, fantasy
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    My mom taught me when I was about 10, 1976.
  1. jonsey, Welcome to crochetville! How about a meet up near Forest Fair Mall (now Cincinnati Mills).? There's a Panera there, I'll be there on Wednesday with my crochet & knitting after work. Cheri
  2. I have a droid and would love to try this. Cheri
  3. When my Mom had brain surgery for a tumor, followed by siezures, she couldn't write or pick up small items (she was a fifth grade teacher at the time, now retired). She was so frustrated not being able to sign her name - the occupational therapists had her scribble. Just making marks on a page - first with a pencil (doesn't matter how you hold it, the pencil makes a mark) then with a pen when she had the grip better. She made loops and marks, then slowly made them even pressure and equal sizes, then practiced printing letters which led to cursive. It took a while, but she did re-train her brain/hands/muscles how to do it. She didn't have the vision problem, just "why can't I do it", I know what to do just can't make my hand do it. Sounds like DCM is on the right track with little steps and getting the rhythm of the muscle movements "memorized" then moving to more complicated movements. I will ask my Mom if she has any suggestions from her experience. Cheri
  4. Cute Cow! Lillibet, I thought of you when I saw this posted. Adorable!
  5. OwlEyez


    Hello! I'm in Cincy too! Welcome, maybe we can chat sometime? Cheri
  6. Gorgeous! This would be an awesome pillow, too.
  7. Heather, the book arrived today. Great assortment of styles. Thank you! Cheri
  8. Heather, I'm interested in your "Big Hook Crochet" Sending PM. Cheri
  9. I've purchased books, magazines and individual patterns and just have to share this one experience. Found a shawl pattern with a very intriguing picture - paid $3.50 and received the pattern. The pattern instructions were: Chain 30, single crochet in each stitch. Repeat to desired length. Now, I was HOT! I was mad. I thought I was getting a real pattern. It was described as an "easy" pattern, but I fell for it and the seller got my money. Did I receive a pattern? yes, so I couldn't really cry foul, but did I get my moneys worth? No, not by a long shot. They caught me with a good picture of a piece made with custom or high end yarns. I think you say something about the pattern by the amount you charge for it. If you have a unique pattern, I wouldn't charge less than $4 for a pattern with good descrption, pictures, AND charts!!! Good Luck!
  10. That's georgeous! The verigated colors don't take away from the beautiful fans.
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