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  1. wow 20 and a mom already wow thats early to be a mom. heh welcome to our world! sit a spell and get to know us! we don't bite I promise. Also there is a community for locals too! athen
  2. hi i was born/raised in myrtle beach but now live in columbia, sc. good to know there is someone else here from my town!
  3. I keep trying to learn stitch one but am having trouble holding the needle and positioning my hands. any suggestions? thanks
  4. everything because that makes the most since... if you go for pretty then your too dull and not very creative.. practical you can just forget it being that. When it comes to making clothes you want to get creative otherwise it wouldn't be an exciting thing to do. athen
  5. Hi all my name is athen and I am going to start crocheting soon! I used to do make pot holders for my mother when I was little but never kept up with it. I felt like I should start trying again so I did some research and more after I bought my kith and some yarn! I think my mom can show me how to hold the needle (if thats the right word for it) then I can start to make things for my two little nieces! Wish me luck all! athen
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