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  1. Thanks That is the one thing that I'm stuck on to. I think it is because I'm lazy and get discouraged at the idea of hooking a piece to just see what size. Plus the one time I really tried I kept getting it wrong so I gave up on that afghan. I tend to like the puzzle games like Puzzle Quest (basically Bejewelled but w/ knights) or Professor Layton. I also am addicted to all the Lego versions of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Oh and Batman. Appeals to the little kid inside of me.
  2. Hi! Yet another semi-new crocheter here. I taught myself this past year by watching videos online and seem to be getting a hook on it. I definitely love it. Especially being able to pet the lovely yarn Let's see. I'm a 33 year old Canadian gal who is a little shy but get a few stitches into me and I'll come out of my shell. I live with my cat who threatens to kill me every day but I put up with him as he leaves the yarn alone. I'm on the computer way too much and my Nintendo DS the rest of the time when I'm not screwing up some crocheted toy. That's where my main focus seems to be seeing as I don't have the patience or knowledge for long projects as of yet. Anyway, that's me. See you around the boards I hope
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