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  1. I hate thinking a project is going to be easy and then getting all the way to the end and I can't figure out how to finish it. I hate "fancy" yarn. I bought a bunch of bucle and fun fur, but I don't know what to do with it. If I try to frog it, it becomes one big knot that I have to throw away! I hate that yarn is soooo expensive sometimes! Whenever there is a big sale going on, I never have an idea of what to make, so I miss out on the sale. I love any inexpensive acrylic yarns (like RHSS and Pound of Love) and Sugar & Cream cotton yarn. I don't like the fact that I've been crocheting for 23 years and still have to use the beginner/easy patterns. I think pattern-makers make things more complicated than they need to on purpose sometimes. I love any kind of aluminum hook (no matter what brand), but I hate plastic hooks that squeak when I'm trying to work with it.
  2. That is wonderful! I've heard that yard sales and consignment shops were good places to go yarn shopping. I've thought about checking them out, but I wonder if you have to wash the yarn somehow before using it? After all, if you buy from someone you don't know, you never know if they took care of their stash, so it might be dirty. How would you even wash a skein of yarn?
  3. I'm in Fayetteville. I just moved here in October from Winterville. I lived there for 7 years and before that, I was born and raised in Morehead City:) I'm so glad to see so many NC crocheters here:D
  4. This is just beautiful! I also love how you photographed it- shows the details perfectly.
  5. thanks for the replies! It's so good to know there is light at the end of the tunnel! lol I never thought about bringing my crocheting to work to do during lunch! yay! my bolero might get finished after all....
  6. I used to crochet every evening and every weekend. Now I have a six month old son and a new job. I have so many things to do on my time off (laundry,cleaning,cooking, etc), I have no time to crochet! So sad! I am constantly looking at crochet patterns at work and there are so many projects I want to do. I started crocheting the crystal lace bolero on crochetme.com a few weeks back and don't have time to put it together. ugh. For those of you that are working moms, how do you make time to crochet? If I didn't already have to get up at 5:30 am, I'd get up earlier to make some time...
  7. I got the Crochet Pattern a Day calendar for Christmas and have fallen in love with the Blooming Tissues pattern. I have yet to try it because it requires a 3 lb. margarine container. I don't normally buy margarine in large containers like that. If anyone here buys the big margarine containers, could you please measure one for me so that I'll know it's dimensions and can maybe use my baby formula containers instead? Thanks in advance! Samantha
  8. I used to when I was fist learning crochet, but quit. I don't remember why though. I haven't washed anything that I haven't tied knots in yet, so I don't know how well they will hold up.
  9. What shape placemat would y'all put on an oval table? I just found an oval placemat pattern ( http://crochet.about.com/od/ovalpatterns/ss/ovalphotos.htm) and wonder if it would look okay or if I should just make simple rectangular ones? Do you think that placemats would be a good Christmas gift for my mom? Samantha
  10. I'm so excited about this pattern! My boss breeds doxies, so she's definitely going to be getting one of these for her birthday this month! Thanks so much for posting this!
  11. Hey there! I'm in Winterville, NC- glad you joined!
  12. Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I am making the hooded baby blanket that is on the Pound of Love wrapper. The WW yarn I have in my stash doesn't feel much different than the Pound of Love and I think that since the baby will be born in late September/early October, that yarn and pattern might be okay. I'll be sure to wash it and run it through the dryer to get it softened up. I did the first couple rows and realized that the gauge is a little bigger, but two more inches shouldn't matter much with a blanket, right?
  13. I know there's baby yarn that's supposed to be better and softer for making items for babies, but I'm all out and didn't want to go get more when I have a ton of regular WW yarn in my stash. Do you think it would be okay to make a baby afghan with that? I know it usually softens up when it's washed, but I didn't know if it would be okay...
  14. I've tried all day to figure out how I could crochet a lamp shade cover and can't figure it out. I just have a regular, simple lamp on my end table in my living room that has an old, dented shade that I want to cover up. I found this knitting pattern for one that is close to what I'm wanting to do, but I don't want anything fancy like cables at the bottom. http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTshade.html Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. Just thought I'd share a picture of the steering wheel cover I made today:)
  16. This could probably be used as a soap saver as well if you used cotton yarn...
  17. I really like this idea and want to make one for my car, but I don't have any elastic or money at this time to buy any. I just saw this pattern on knitty.com (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTwheelie.html) that looks like it's just tied on with some sort of drawstring. Does anyone know how I could convert this pattern to crochet?
  18. My mom is one of those people that is hard to shop for. After not finding anything in any store that would be a good Mother's Day gift for her, I've decided I might crochet something for her gift. Can anyone think of anything quick and easy that would make a good Mother's Day gift?
  19. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding this March and the bridesmaid dress has little spaghetti straps. Since it'll be March and I didn't want to freeze to death, I thought it would be neat to make a little shrug to wear with it. It has satin-y fabric, so I'm looking for a shrug pattern that looks kind of dressy, but would be quick and easy to make. I checked crochetpaterncentral.com, but I didn't really see anything. I thought I remembered someone here making a shrug to wear with her wedding dress a while back, but I don't remember if she included a pattern with her picture. Can anyone help me figure out what shrug pattern I could use? Thanks!
  20. Thank you everyone for the replies! I have a difficult decision to make now! I've been trying to think of something that would be quick and cost effective as well as pretty. I like the shawl idea and also think those pillow patterns were really pretty. I'll think about it over the weekend and probably get it started next week. I'm in the middle of making some plastic bag tote bags now and need to hurry up and get all the plastic out of the middle of the living room before my husband throws it away!
  21. I think that a shawl would be nice, but I'm uncertain about the color. She normally wears gray and black all the time, but that isn't too cheery in light of the situation. Traditional breast cancer awareness pink? I can't decide!
  22. Hi, Y'all usually have such creative ideas, I thought I'd post this question here: I have a co-worker who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and has to have a mastectomy soon. I wanted to crochet her something to let her know I'll miss her while she's out and will be thinking about her and wishing her well. What would be something good to give her? Thanks in advance for your advice! Samantha
  23. I don't know, but I thought it was cute. I also loved the scarf that same character wore.
  24. ManfaMae

    Purse closure?

    I'm attempting to make a purse for my mom and would like suggestions on what everyone thinks would be a good closure for it. It's a tall, vertically rectangular purse done in the popcorn stitch on one side and single crochet on the other all done in cotton. I was thinking about having a flap and a button closure, but I thought it might not lay as flat as I'd like with the popcorn stitch on the outside. I can't really sew at all, so putting in a zipper or anything like that wouldn't work for me. What else would work? Thanks in advance for any ideas anyone can give me! Samantha
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