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  1. LittleGreenStars- I LOVE it! What kind yarn/colors did you use?
  2. I would love to join in and make one of these bags, but I'm trying to finish up a RR afghan right now. I have a question for those of you that have or are going to make yours from cotton yarn: Do you think the bag will shrink when it is washed? Whenever I've made cotton dishcloths, they shrink really bad and I wouldn't want that to happen to this bag. Even though it will be stretchy making it from acrylic, at least that wouldn't run the risk of shrinking...
  3. I ran out of yarn before finishing my scrap burgandy,green,navy and beige rr. I'm going back to the one I started last month and frogged. It's blue and a blue/brown varigated. I'm not sure what to do as far as color sequence though. Should I switch colors every 6 rounds or do you think a different sequence would look better?
  4. The RR I'm working on now isn't working out as planned. I'm using some scrap yarn that I thought I had plenty of, but it turns out that I don't. I was doing three rounds of each color (burgandy,navy,hunter green,cream & a varigated). It was working well until I got about halfway through and only had enough to do two rows of green. Then I ran out of the varigated after one round. Now, what I have left to work with is an almost full skein of the burgandy. Do you think it will look strange to have all these uneven rounds at the end? I just don't know if I should go out and buy more yarn to make it perfect or just go with the flow...
  5. I've been thinking about crocheting curtains for a while now, but haven't gotten the nerve up yet. This pattern calls for WW yarn, so I guess it would work. I would like to make a valance and use those metal rings with the little clips to hold it up. That way, it would be easier to change it out if I got tired of it and wanted a different color or whatever.
  6. I was thinking about making some Christmas tree skirts, but I didn't have any yarn for it yet. I'll have to go by HL and check the holiday yarn out! Thanks for letting us know about it:)
  7. I took a crochet class through the 4-H Club when I was 8 years old and have been hooking ever since!
  8. I've been crocheting for 23 years, but I'd still call myself a beginner. I've never done a wearable that required shaping and I just started making doilies in the past year. I would like to learn tunisian crochet and possibly how to make a sweater sometime in the future, but anything that says "expert" or "advanced" on the pattern doesn't really interest me at all.
  9. Well, I think that crocheting and checking the 'Ville is a lot more sane than watching people get a ball, run two feet and then fall down. That seems to be what most sports are and so many men go crazy for it. I guess I'm lucky that my DH would rather watch Star Trek or play video games...
  10. Here's my Wish List: 1. Any WW yarn- I love RHSS, HL's ILTY and Caron. I'd love to try some of Vanna's yarn, so if you have some scraps you don't know what to do with.... 2. I mainly use aluminum hooks, but I'd love to try a wooden one or one of those "fancy light-up ones"! 3. Anything you made yourself 4. Gourmet Crochet Hook Case pattern- or any easy pattern (books, flyers, magazines- new or old) 5. Edgery Doo 6. GC from HL or Michaels 7. Something for my 8 month old son- a little teether, toy, a size 12 month onesie or whatever 8. dishcloths 9. suprise me;) 10. I can't think of anything else! lol Rec'd "Wash and Wipe" dishcloth pattern booklet and pattern for a cardi-shawl from FGM in PA:D Rec'd cute little thread Christmas stocking from FGM in NC:D
  11. Wow- Thank y'all so much for warning me about Homespun. I'd be mighty upset if I put all that work into making a sweater that I could only wear once or twice. I have 5 skeins of it that I don't know what to do with now. I guess I could always make a lapghan or something and donate it. I have made scarves out of it before and it was not very easy to work with- especially if you have to do any frogging. I think I'll just move this to the back of my to do list.
  12. It is very cute. Please pardon my ignorance, but isn't a sachet something you put in your dresser drawers to make them smell nice? Why would you put a radish in your dresser?
  13. You picked out some lovely colors! Can't wait to see the finished products:) I just recently bought some I Love This Yarn and I really enjoyed working with it. I think you will too.
  14. The baby will be so cute in them! I especially love the cowboy boots! I'm sure your god-daughter will love them all. What a precious gift (the baby and the things you made him!).
  15. I've never done it, but I imagine you could and that it would be very pretty. It would probably be very time-consuming, but worth it in the end. I've been wanting to use thread and just make a doily, but I have too many WIPs as it is, so that'll have to wait for now...
  16. Congratulations!! That is a gorgeous RR- I can see why you won!
  17. He's so cute! How about "Hopper" or "Hoppin' Hal"?
  18. I've never done one of these, but it looks like fun:) Here goes... 1) Yarn- any WW or cotton (I use a lot of RHSS and Sugar N' Cream)- any colors, solid or varigated 2) Any easy patterns-- magazines,books,flyers- old or new 3) GCs for Michaels,Hobby Lobby or AC Moore 4) Anything Handmade by you 5) cards, postcards or letters just to say hello and put a smile on my face 6) A ball winder
  19. Has anyone tried to make the Cozy Classic Pullover? I've made ponchos, hats and mittens, but I have never done a sweater before. I have tons of Homespun and thought this would be a good way to use some of it up. Do you think this would be a good beginner pattern? If so, do you have any hints or tips?
  20. I think it would be way stronger than an average grocery bag. I made a tote bag out of "plarn" for my sister who is a school teacher and she puts all her books in it. If it can hold books, it should hold groceries..
  21. Thanks Judy and Gene! I need to hurry up and finish the RR I'm working on now so that I can start my rug and some Christmas tree skirts!
  22. Thanks for sharing! I agree that it is super difficult to find crochet graphics for MySpace. I have a couple on my page if you want to check it out.
  23. I started on my 2nd RR. I'm doing one in burgandy,navy,hunter green and off-white stripes. It's not going as fast as my first one did, but it's looking pretty good so far. oh- I've seen some little throw rugs made from RRs, but has anyone made a BIG one before? Like regular afghan sized, but made with 4 strands of RH yarn and a Q hook? Do y'all think that would be durable enough to use for a living room rug? Also, I was thinking it would be awesome to have a RR Christmas tree skirt. Any idea how to make one that has the hole in the center and the slit down the side?
  24. If it is just sc, I think I could probably handle it then. Could it have been listed as intermediate just because of the color changes? I've been crocheting for 20+ years, but usually stick to beginner/easy projects. I can't do something that requires a lot of thinking since I have to put the projects down so often to tend to my 8 month old son.
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