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  1. Thanks, everyone, for your input. I have two big frames, so I think I'm going to do one granny square for right now and maybe do some flowers for the other one. I already put this on my desk at work and get a lot of compliments on it from co-workers: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5788210&l=f9d4c765d3&id=502405539
  2. I have my own office at work that was just recently painted. My boss told me I can decorate as I see fit, but I don't have a lot of money to spend on artwork to hang on the walls. I have two walls that need pictures of some sort and I have some empty frames. Does anyone have a quick and easy idea of something I could crochet and frame? I don't really have the time or concentration for doilies right now and don't know anything about using graphs. Do you think if I just did some stripes of different colors using the shell stitch or even framed a big multi-colored granny square it would look okay?
  3. ManfaMae

    Weaving in Ends

    Over the weekend, I decided it was time to do some stash busting. I started making a join-as-you-go granny square blanket and got about 16 squares done. I was changing colors with every row and weaving in the ends after each one so there wouldn't be so much weaving in to do at the end and it really seemed to go a lot smoother. When I fasten off one color, I leave a very long end (about 6 inches) and weave it in with a yarn needle for several inches back and forth until I think it's secure and then cut it. My problem is, I keep noticing the little ends sticking out and I have to keep tucking them in. What do you do to get rid of those little ends?
  4. Thanks, everyone, for the great information. I'm going to let her know that the Simply Soft might not be the best choice for her afghan. She seems to know a little about crocheting, so I'm just going to let her know that if she's at the store, just pick out some RH, VC, TLC or some other acrylic and get 12 skeins so that I can get started. She already told me she wanted the blanket to be queen-sized (60X80), so I'll work on making it that size and go from there. I'm still unclear on how much I should charge for labor.
  5. Hello from NC! There is a great group of folks here that have all kinds of creative and helpful ideas. I think you'll like it:)
  6. I love it! I am astounded by the amount of patience you possess to weave in all those ends!
  7. I always thought that if you were using acrylic, you didn't need to block. Something about acrylic being self-blocking and only having to block natural fibers? I'm sure someone else might be more informed on the subject, but I don't think the crochet police will show up at your house if it isn't blocked;)
  8. Good Morning, One of my co-workers just came in my office and saw some of my crochet work and asked if I would make an afghan for her. She wants a queen-sized afghan done in shell-stitch made with Caron Simply Soft. I know that SS is running about $2.99/skein, but I have no idea how many skeins it would take or what to charge her for the afghan. I found this pattern http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/AfghansThrows/SB514-001+Soft+Shells.htm that I think would work, but I'm not sure how to enlarge it to make it 60 X 80 (How many beginning chains? How much more yarn would it take?). Also, I read that you should charge 3 X the amount you paid for materials. Is it the same for afghans? Thanks! Samantha
  9. Thanks, everyone! Valsey, I drive a Mazda 6 wagon:) I just posted pictures of it on my facebook page and one of my friends asked me to make one for a birthday gift for her daughter. I measured my car so that the straps would fit, but I guess I could make them longer and put velcro on them so they would fit any car, right?
  10. The other day, I posted a question on the "Seeking Pattern" area looking for a pattern for a toy organizer for my car. I couldn't ever find an exact pattern for what I wanted, but LuvMaxine and Yarn or Fabric "talked it out" with me (Thanks a bunch!!). The below pictures are what I came up with.
  11. Thanks:) Should I just attach a strap like a short purse handle to go over the top of the head rest? Also, I don't know if I should put side straps that would tie around the front seat in addition to the top strap. What do y'all think? I need to hurry up and finish the baby blanket I'm working on so that I can get started on this. I love starting new projects:)
  12. Hello Everyone! I've been scouring the internet tonight looking for a toy organizer to hang from the back of a car seat. I've seen some sewn ones, but nothing crocheted. I would love to make something like one of those wall-hanging organizers with a solid back and a few mesh pockets that would hang from the headrest. Has anyone seen a pattern like that? My son's toys end up all over the car during long trips and I'd love something to help organize/contain them. Thanks, Samantha
  13. my dh and i had a deal that we weren't doing a whole lot for christmas this year because we didn't have much to spend. so, i only got him a watch and then i found out that he has 6 gifts for me under the tree. i want to give him more, but we don't have the money for me to do more shopping. i have a huge stash and a couple days to do some crocheting though. i was thinking maybe making him something quick and easy. i made him a scarf last year that he never wore, so i don't know what to make. he's very into anything geeky/nerdy/video game/sci-fi kinds of things. anyone have any ideas?
  14. I go to the Gourmet Crochet website a lot because they have such pretty designs. I have never bought any of the patterns though. I hope you enjoy your new pattern book:)
  15. I recently found the pattern online for Tawashi( http://www.craftstylish.com/item/43848/how-to-crochet-a-tawashi ) and thought it would make great little Christmas gifts if I put a couple in those little cellophane baggies with a tag explaining what they are. I've made a couple of them so far out of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, but I was reading online that it may be preferable to have acrylic ones for washing dishes. If you were giving/getting a tawashi as a gift, would you think cotton or acrylic would be better? I was thinking with cotton, people could use it to either do dishes or as a bath scrubbie, but I would love to hear other people's opinions:)
  16. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I ended up attempting to make a hat for my dad yesterday, but when it was done it fit my 2 year old! grrrr.... So, now I'm back to square one. I usually get him something like a cd or a book of political cartoons or sweatshirt or something like that, so finding something to make him is a bit of a challenge. I LOVE that lumberjack afghan though. Maybe I can go all-out and do that for Christmas, but for his birthday, I want to find something smaller and more simple. Hmmmm....
  17. vanna's gauge is 16 and rhss is 17, so it is a little thicker. what adjustments do y'all think i'd have to make for the hat to work?
  18. I am thinking about making the Coffeehouse Cap (http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternRating.cgi?showReview=1&itemKey=1922243444) for my dad but using RHSS instead of the Vanna's Choice yarn. I was reading some of the reviews and it was saying that it ran small. I've never used the Vanna yarn before, so I'm wondering if the RHSS would be a good substitute. Is there a difference in the stretchiness?
  19. My dad's 67th birthday is next week and I don't have the money to buy him anything as I'd planned. I have a huge stash of yarn in all colors though, so I'm looking for something I could make him in the next week. I work full-time and have a 2 year old son, so it would need to be something I could just work on a couple hours a day. My dad's only hobbies are gardening and watching tv. I gave him one of those armchair pocket things last year and he loved it, so I think he'd appreciate something else handmade this year. Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. I want to make a hat for my 2 year old son. The pattern is calling for light worsted weight yarn with an H hook. All I have is regular worsted weight Red Heart. If I use that with a G hook, would that work?
  21. Hey from Fayetteville, NC! Glad to see another NC crocheter here:)
  22. oooohhhh! Thanks for telling me about the rectangular granny pattern! I think I'm going to do that now. looks much easier than dealing with clusters and fpdc and bpdc. I bought a Caron One Pound skein last night. I wonder if I could get the whole lapghan out of it? If not, I can switch colors and do outside rows in a matching varigated or something.
  23. Thanks for letting me know about this pattern. I think if I can figure out the FPDC and BPDC, it would be a pretty lapghan for my mom.
  24. I'm thinking of just doing one big granny square. Thanks- I'd forgotten about the patterns on Lion Brand. They call for 8-10 skeins. They are all big afghans, so I wonder if I could get away with just buying 5-6. I just want it big enough like for a lapghan.
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