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  1. I have a glider rocker in the corner of the living room where I usually sit and crochet. I have a little table on my left that holds my laptop computer (I usually either have a crochet pattern pulled up on it or something like Netflix or Hulu if I'm working on a pattern that I have already memorized). On my right, I have a plastic 3-drawer container filled with extra yarn. The thing is, my glider rocker has seen better days and I'm thinking about replacing it with a more comfy chair. If you have a "crochet chair", what kind is it? Hope you're having a great day! Samantha
  2. A lady I work with is moving to another state next month and I would like to give her a going-away gift. I don't know much about her other than she likes the beach, yoga, socializing, and wine. She recently helped me get a promotion, so I would like to make her something nice, but I only have a month to complete it. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking the "stash baskets" from the sugar n' cream website with some dishcloths or a market bag, but I'm not sure that's "enough". What do y'all think? Thanks in advance for your help! Samantha
  3. Hi! A fried just brought me some Yarn Bee Enchantress yarn to make some wrist warmers for her, but I can't find a pattern or anyone on Ravelry that has made wrist warmers out of that yarn. Does anyone have any pattern suggestions? The yarn is supposed to be worsted weight, but it has sequins in it. I'm a little worried about working with this kind of yarn in the first place because of the sequins. I have a feeling it's going to end up a tangled mess... Thanks, Samantha
  4. Hi everyone! A friend of mine just saw my "Save the Earth" bag (http://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/WR1795.pdf )and said that it would be cute over a tank top. I'd like to surprise her with it for Christmas since she had such a fit over it, but I have no idea how to modify the pattern to make a size large tank top. I found this pattern (http://www.knitting-warehouse.com/free_knitting_patterns/NY_Yarns/29_06_FreePatNYYCapriceVKcrochettankpat.pdf)that looks kind of close to it, but the top band and straps are different and it's not crocheted in the round like the bag. Does anyone know how I could either adjust that top pattern to make it in the round or start the bag pattern without the bottom piece and make it bigger to make a top? Thanks so much for any advice you can give me. Samantha
  5. Thanks everyone! I guess I'll give it to her after all (maybe with a little penguin amigurumi to go with it)!
  6. A while back, I was looking for a penguin scarf pattern. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=131988&highlight=penguin+scarf I couldn't find a free pattern, so I made my own version of the suggested pattern. Now that it's time to wrap and put it under the Christmas tree, I'm unsure about it. I would love to get your honest opinions of it and possibly suggestions on how to improve on the finished project (or should I scrap it and go another direction?). What do y'all think? http://ravel.me/ManfaMae/ps Thanks! Samantha
  7. Thank y'all! I think I'm going to try it with the smallest hook I can handle (E or F) with some scrap WW and see how it goes.
  8. Has anyone tried the pattern for the "Snot Owl/Penguin" on Ravelry? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/snot-owl---snot-penguin I am confused about the hook size on the pattern. It says 3.00 mm and to use 100% cotton yarn. I don't have a hook that small, but it seems like it would be too little for the kind of yarn in the picture...It doesn't look like they used thread. What do you think? Also, I think the person that designed the pattern is Danish. Would their terms be the same as US? Thanks! Samantha
  9. Thanks so much for your help!
  10. I have a tradition of making a new novelty scarf for my niece every year for Christmas. So far, she has a cupcake, pizza, school bus and pizza scarf. This year, she began collecting penguins so now I'm looking for a cute penguin scarf. Maybe an applique of the penguin's face for one end, a black and white striped body and an applique of the feet for the other end? Does anyone know where I could find a pattern kind of like this? Thanks, Samantha
  11. I made this tissue holder a few years ago and have it sitting on my desk at work. A lady I work with has been begging me to make her one for a couple years now and finally told me today that she would bring me the yarn to make it. Now, I can't remember for the life of me where the pattern for it is! I remember that the pattern for the "flower pot" called for it to cover a Shedd's Spread container, but I never had one of the big containers, so I used a large baby formula can and it holds a roll of toilet tissue which pokes through a hole at the top. Does this look familiar to anyone? Thanks, Samantha
  12. Thanks, everyone, for your great suggestions! I have a friend that is expecting a baby this spring, so I think I have decided to do a granny square baby blanket with the cotton yarn.
  13. I bought a pack of three skeins of Sugar N' Cream yarn- 12 oz "Mod Twists", 12 oz "Mod Ombre" and 14 oz solid "Mod Blue". I loved the colors in the store, but it was purely an impulse buy and I have no idea what to do with it now. The only thing I've ever made with cotton is dishcloths and I really don't want to make a bunch of dishcloths. I checked out the Sugar N' Cream website's free patterns, but since the package was three different colors, I'm having a tough time figuring out what to make. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I could make with cotton yarn? Thanks! Samantha
  14. I think I have decided to make her one of those water bottle covers with a strap. That shouldn't take more than a couple hours to do and would be something she would be able to use every day at her new job. Thanks to everyone for your replies and suggestions!
  15. Thanks for the ideas:) @RoseRed--I was just thinking that the polite thing would be to reciprocate in some way. I'm not sure what the etiquette is for when your boss of 11 months quits.
  16. My boss' last day of work is this Thursday. I wasn't planning on giving her anything other than a card, but then she gave me a $100 Hobby Lobby gift card before I got off work on Friday, so now I feel like I should give her something. I went all through my patterns yesterday and can't figure out something to make her. Does anyone have any ideas for something quick and easy?
  17. I'm looking for pattern ideas for a novelty scarf for my 14 year old niece. Every year for the past few years, I've made her a scarf for Christmas. So far, she has a school bus, a pencil and a cupcake scarf. Over the weekend, she asked if there were other school-related scarves I could make- ruler, crayon, etc. I haven't seen any other patterns like that, but I'm also not experienced in tunisian crochet or embroidery, so I wouldn't know how to do anything like that anyway. Does anyone have any ideas of another scarf I could make her?
  18. How about a cute cell phone cozy? http://artfulhooker.blogspot.com/2010/10/phone-y-turtleneck-sweater-phone-cozy.html I made one of these on my lunch break today. Took very little yarn, so it would be great for little gifts and to use up scrap yarn.
  19. Thanks so very much for the help!! I guess I wasn't visualizing it the way it really is when I was reading the pattern. I just completed my second flower and I think the scarf will look really cute on my 14 year old neice:) I like the idea of making a brooch with these flowers as well. That would be a great Christmas gift for my co-workers!
  20. I tried working in the front loops one of the times I did it, but it didn't make it look like it was two separate petals like in the picture. Maybe it's not supposed to be like the picture and that's where I'm getting confused. It also says that there are only 18 sc at the end of the round and it seems like there would be much more after completing the round.
  21. I'm working on the Belle Fleur Scarf (free pattern at http://www.stitchnationyarn.com/Patterns/belle-fleur-scarf.html). I made it thorough the tedious garland and am now trying to figure out the flower. I've frogged and started over 5 times now and can't seem to get it to look like the picture. In the picture it looks like a curly part in the front center with two layers of flower petals. I get the curly middle part and the 6 petals, but I get lost on Round 4. It says "keeping flower to front, slip st in the first back loop". First back loop where? Adding onto the flower petal I just did or a back loop somewhere else? I'm so confused! If anyone else has made this and has any insight for me, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'd been thinking about making two of these scarves, but after this one, I don't know if I can make myself go through it again.
  22. Thanks- this will help me so much! My 3 year old son wants to be a cat for Halloween this year and all the costumes I've found in the stores have been for little girls. I think I'm going to get a hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants, crochet the ears and tail and sew them on to the sweatsuit.
  23. My DH asked me to crochet scarves for several of his guy friends who are all really into video games for Christmas. I started making plain black ones (I'm working on the 4th one now) and figured I could just find easy applique patterns to put on the ends. So far, all I've found is one for a Pokeball. Does anyone know where I could find patterns for other appliques? I thought it would be kinda cool to find one for the Super Mario mushroom, but am open to other ideas. Thanks, Samantha
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