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  1. I think the answer for us crochet-a-holics- making things for charity? Then i got to thinking, buy the ones i see at the thrift store and donate them to charity too....
  2. That is heartbreaking- you put part of you into that blanket- its like going to the thrift store and seeing racks of crocheted afghans- all i can think of is how much someone put into it....
  3. I finally got back to show how she looks in her turtleneck- it has helped her neck heal, and she looks pretty sharp!
  4. My daughter has 6 kids, and i crochet edging on some fleece blankets for them for Christmas, she told me later they won't last- cuz the fleece absorbs smells- i had already given up on crocheting things for her family because she dislikes the 'holes' in crochet blankets- sigh.... i remember as a kid i was so fascinated by my grandmothers who made knitted and crocheted things for the kids-
  5. Well, I've had to revise the coat for her- she has a spot at the base of her neck she will keep scratching, so today i was looking at her thinking- she needs a turtle neck! So i am doing that now...
  6. Thanks- looks like Crochet Today is it, can't find it in the stores here- so will have to get it online...
  7. Thanks- she has slept better with it on, and her back is healing...now to hunt for a new project!
  8. I just finished this easy sweater for Sassy- she will scratch her back raw, and I saw the pattern and thought that would be perfect to protect her back! She isn't too pleased...
  9. You got me curious- found this link with all sorts of round patterns http://www.tamemymind.com/blog/2007/03/19/round-afghan-blanket-patterns-crocheted-or-knitted.php Personally, Aggie May is the only way to go. She's a member and will gladly send you the pattern. It's the best! you can always send to to me tooo
  10. Ok, i'll check into it- was also looking at annie attic magazine...any thoughts on that one? i have a hard time following directions...
  11. It was quite a road... and worth all the stress! thanks for the congrats
  12. Just wondering, what is the simplest to understand magazine for crochet? I'm not good at reading instructions and have just basic skills... so if you could choose one, what would it be???
  13. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome- i had forgotten how soothing that crocheting can be!LOL! Well, broke down and ordered some bamboo hooks- can't wait to try them out! now off to explore the 'ville' oh, by the way, I'm south of Muskogee
  14. Hi everyone, just getting back into crochet after finishing school- late bloomer- got my bachelors in art at 51..LOL! Anyway, now I have time to crochet- i live in Oklahoma have 6 grandkids, and my husband is retired Navy- I learned to crochet from my german grandmother- she didn't want to teach me because she had problems reading directions, so looked at a piece and figured it out- well, i kept bugging her, and she taught me- and yes- i have a heck of a time reading patterns- i also am thinking about getting some wooden hooks- does anyone have opinions on using them?
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