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    Wife, Mom and stepmom to 6, Grams to 9!
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    Tulsa, OK
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    ATT Telephone Acct Mgr
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    just about anything...I love trying new things
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    Just started again after about a 25 year hiatus
  1. :cheer:cheer:clap:clap:cheer:cheer:cheer Way to go!
  2. Do I get yarn for lasting so long???? huh? huh? LOL Elise
  3. I started at the beginning of this and I lasted until last week! I had to buy yarn to finish out an afghan for one of the grandkids. I made 3 others all from stash yarn!! I'll post pics of them later this week. Elise
  4. I'm still going strong! woohoo! Stash is definitely getting smaller...but not gone yet.
  5. what a cool way to remember your dad! I love the tshirt, but I'm weird that way.
  6. ~Elise~

    Filet Afghan #2

    Not sure how the pic is going to turn out. This one is a Unicorn with the name Asia at the bottom. Done in Amore Misty rose color with a J hook (well, the starting chain was done with a K hook)
  7. tomorrow is the end of my 30 days...and I'm going to continue for as long as I can with this!
  8. Congrats from Sept's winner!!!! Tuss E Cat is gorgeous!
  9. ~Elise~

    Filet Afghan

    No--it's from an Annie's Attic book
  10. ~Elise~

    Filet Afghan

    he's not seen it yet, it's a christmas gift.
  11. ~Elise~

    Filet Afghan

    It's a yarn I bought from someone off this site about 6 months ago or so...don't remember whom. I'm 4 rows into the second 'granghan'. This one will be a Unicorn in misty rose Amore from RH. It's from the same batch of yarn from the same person. Elise
  12. ~Elise~

    Filet Afghan

    Actually filet crochet goes really quickly.
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