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  1. Oh wow! All of these scarves are gorgeous! Truly! I haven't forgotten you ladies, I promise. I just find myself at a point where time is a luxury right now and the first thing to go is the computer. The second is crochet time. I've not even a stitch done for February! Of course, it *is* a short month! Hope to have more time soon! Can't wait to see more March scarves
  2. Most of my hooks are Boye because they are easily acquired and fairly inexpensive. However, a few weeks ago a wandered into a relatively new LYS that I had never been in and fell in love with the HiyaHiya brand.
  3. My scarves have has to take a back burner while I finish up a few things. Plus I needed to get a head start on the kitchen swap as my package needs to make it all the way to India
  4. Thank you so much to my lovely Fairy Godmother! I came home after a loooong day to a cheerful package Imagine my surprise to find a knitting book! It certainly brightened my day! Thanks again!
  5. I know! I was hoping to have my partner! I'm so excited! Plus, tomorrow is my errand day so I can go get new yarn!
  6. Dava and Lynn-you both did such pretty scarves. Very Valentiney!
  7. Oops...lose my head if it weren't attached... wtd/-6 ytd/-8
  8. Almost forgot to post in here. I've not had much time to work on anything this week, so no change
  9. that is adorable! I want one!
  10. Wis-great job! Such a pretty scarf; I know your friend will love it! Stacy-what a gorgeous pattern! Can't wait to see yours
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