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    Southern Utah
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    Quilting, making things needle work, beads wood
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    bookkeeper, tax preparer
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    Christmas ornaments
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    Since about 1970
  1. your right it is beautiful. I really like the color Suellen
  2. It is not pretty it is amazing and beautiful Suellen
  3. What a lucky friend. Suellen
  4. Suellen

    Spiral Afghan

    WOW Amazing:) ~Suellen~
  5. Love the colors:) ~Suellen~
  6. I think the yarn is perfect and your bear is adorable:) ~Suellen~
  7. Suellen

    Train Afghan

    what fun. Lucky boy. Mom will be thrilled:) ~Suellen~
  8. beautiful. I like join as you go patterns:) ~Suellen~
  9. nicely crocheted. I love thread crochet:) ~Suellen~
  10. Suellen

    Dibbes Dragon

    wonderful and very cute ~Suellen~
  11. great pattern. Lucky kid:) ~Suellen~
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