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    married with 3 grown children...oldest is 26 and youngest is 21
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    crocheting, learning to knit, reading, camping, cruising, travel
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    baby clothes, women's (esp. plus size) clothing and afghans
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    since i was about 10
  1. Right now I'm into crochet necklaces/chokers. I have found one that I've absolutely fallen in love with ... only problem is that it's knitted. It looks like it could be easily converted into crochet by someone who knows how to dothis kind of thing. I'm sure it could be done in all sc stitches. Here is the link: http://pjsallday.com/2011/11/knitted-scallop-edge-beaded-necklace/ Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks to all who responded. I like the style of Caron's Assymetrical Jacket, if I can do it all in one color...I like the shape of it.
  3. I am looking for a pattern (preferably free, but doesn't have to be) for a sweater for myself that would reach almost to my knees. Hopefully, I can find a plus-sized pattern because I wear a size 22. The front of the sweater doesn't have to reach down that far, but definitely the back does. I keep thinking I could possibly tweak a shrug pattern to extend down the back, but, although I can work with other's patterns, I haven't crossed the line and made my own yet. Any suggestions??? Thanks.
  4. Can anyone direct me to attractive patterns for making soakers/diaper covers. I have another grandson on the way and this one will be in my care quite a bit. I would like several of these on hand, as I'm a fan of the old fashioned, breathable cloth diapers. I'm also looking for some simple "diaper shirts" that can be made to match the pants. Thanks for your help. brenda
  5. i printed that pattern out today. i'm awful new at knitting, but would love to be able to crochet something in this style. it is very savvy.
  6. yes, it is a shrug. i started off with the rectangle and adlibbed from there as i went along. i absolutely love ribbed sleeves and you will see a lot of that in my projects, including kristin's crayon shrug. i wish i knew something about writing patterns, then i would include them with the picture.
  7. Here are the girls in their ponchos
  8. And, finally, here is another shrug i free-formed from a rectangle for another niece (Kristin's younger sister). She is sporting a hat that I made a year ago to go with ponchos I made for her and her sisters.
  9. is it possible to buy just the pattern for this skirt? if not, can anyone tell me where i can buy the book used and at a decent price.
  10. has anyone ever used this site: http://www.jessica-tromp.nl/crochetpatternswoman.htm if so, how do you follow the patterns there? thanks.
  11. thanks you for the suggestions. by the way, that has to be the most unique round ripple afghan i've ever seen. i love how the colors flow together and then peak at the outer edge. i'll have to see if i can emulate that technique with my colors.
  12. i'm expecting twin grandsons in april and am in the process of crocheting 2 afghans in the round ripple pattern, both in bright colors using red heard super saver yarn. what i'm looking for is any feedback as to what edgings would look nice on these afghans without looking too frilly and girly. can anyone please give me suggestions or direct me to links with pictures and instructions. thanks, from tbone.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. Is there a link to the pencil skirt that you're referring to?
  14. Hello. This is my first post, although I've been lurking around for a month or so. My question is where can I find a simple skirt pattern. I've been crocheting ponchos, and more recently working on a bolero and a shrug and would like to make skirts to make a set. I really don't need anything fancy...just a straight up and down skirt would be sufficient. I would need a size 18-20 and prefer to use Red Heart WW yarn. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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