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  1. I went and bought some yesterday to make a small Christmas afghan. I got 2 skeins of Xmas sparkle and 1 skein of white sparkle, and it's pretty good to work with! The sparkle thread is kind of scratchy on your hands after about an hour or two, but if you don't work too tightly, it's great! I'm getting eight 6"x6" granny squares per skein (I hook). I'll definitely be going back to get more!! It's the perfect time of year, too - the Christmas colors are on the shelves, so stock up! I love I love this yarn!
  2. Look! I made one, too! I made a little one for my tiny dog to curl up with. I used Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn" and it's really soft and cuddly. This is definitely one of the best patterns I've tried. Thanks for sharing!!
  3. I had never had the patience to make a whole afghan, but I figured I had the patience to make lots of 8x8 squares in hdc, so here's what I ended up with: It's a little small for the bed and it's sort of uneven, but it really turned out okay and, obviously, my tiny dog loves it I'm pretty proud of it - it's my biggest project ever that I actually finished. Anybody know off the top of their head any other afghan patterns that don't take a lot of concentration or patience? I'm really excited to start making more. Thanks for looking!
  4. Holy moly! That's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen crocheted! Phenomenal.
  5. Exactly! Thanks for helping out. ...I probably should have known that one tho
  6. "in next (center) st make 2 sc, ch 4, sl st in last sc for a p, and 1 sc; (sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st) 3 times, sc in remaining 27 sts" Above is an excerpt from the dahlia doily (round 5) and I can't figure out what a p is. I'm stuck on the part that's bold and underlined. Can you help me? This is my first doily. I usually do scarves and hats and other easy things, so.... Thank you! <3
  7. Try Crochet Pattern Central. http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/mittens_gloves.php Here's one from that site that's pretty cute. http://www.geocities.com/justme42uk/mymittenspattern.html
  8. *gasp!* I had never heard of a scarflette until now and I looked it up on google and it is amazingly cute! That is perfect! Thank you so much. I'm going to go make an army of scarflettes this afternoon.
  9. Hi! I just bought a skein of natural brown alpaca yarn (bulky) and I'm not sure what to do with it.. I couldn't resist! It's so beautiful and soft...!! I want to make something really soft and snuggly.. Ideas? It's just one little skein (3.5 oz).
  10. I've wanted to make afghans for awhile, but I always get distracted by smaller projects that somehow butt in. I take *forever* to get something done. Not because I'm a slow crocheter, but because I keep starting new projects. I have 4 going on at home right now.... Is there a trick to making it all the way to the end? How do you keep yourself on track and finish such a huge project?
  11. Thank you for your warm welcomes!
  12. I'm thinking of a kid's toy doctor bag or one of the really old fashioned doctor bags with the medical cross. Know where I could find a pattern for this or something that I could alter into a doctor's bag? Thanks everyone!
  13. Agreed. This is really cute.
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