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  1. Ooh. Pretty. It does look very inviting. I have some of that boucle yarn in a different colorway, but I put it down in impatience last time I tried working with it. Perhaps I should pick it back up...
  2. That whole set is gorgeous. I love the blanket, and those pillows--I just want to reach out and stroke them, they're so shiny and pretty.
  3. Woohoo! Glad you liked it. And, um, the "garland" was intended to be a lightweight, frilly scarf...
  4. Also, I think I'll be sending out Jammerholly's package on the Monday deadline. Cutting it close once again, but I like including something handmade...
  5. I got my package from jammerholly the day before yesterday (pics forthcoming when I have the time). My favorite color is black, and she sent: --Two skeins of a black tweedy sort of yarn, ILTY --Two skeins of eyelash-type black yarn, also ILTY --A skein of black and white cotton yarn --A box of lipton berry tea --Two black, jeweled votive candle holders with vanilla candles in them --A little black beanie baby bear --a package of black M&Ms ...all contained in --A black and white photo organizing box, which I'll probably use for, erm, yarn...
  6. Woohoo! I got home from a long day to find a big fat box waiting for me. I got a gorgeous scarf in several deep, rich shades of Simply Soft (bonus--it's wide, so I can wrap it around my shoulders when I get chilly), a matching black and white buttonhole scarf and headband, several body washes, two candles in vanilla and rose scents, 3 skeins of Red Heart ombre in green, tan, and purple, um, a bag of chocolates, three books that have a yarn store as their setting, and I may be forgetting something... Pics forthcoming; it's too grey today to get decent lighting. Long story short, I got spoiled .
  7. quiet dissident

    ABC's Afghan

    Oh, that's cool. I'll bet he'll be excited when he can recognize the letters .
  8. The rational part of my brain knows that. It's the irrational part that I have a hard time shutting up sometimes . And Grammy Roberts, it looks like your package made it to your post office today! Oooh, I hope you get it soon .
  9. I need to get out this weekend and do more shopping. Picked up a couple small things and haven't quite gotten back to it. Semester's kicking my butt...
  10. I'm sure I'll love it . Sending out swaps always makes me a bit nervous too, especially once people start posting pics of a crapload of stuff... I start feeling a smidge... inadequate sometimes.
  11. Beautiful--it looks so lacy and delicate.
  12. Loving the scarves and packages we've seen so far! Mine should be in the mail tomorrow .
  13. Those are very delicate looking... I may have to go make myself one more set of fingerless gloves .
  14. Woohoo! Got mine and can't wait to get to know jammerholly!
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