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  1. this is great , i still have not mastered the post stitch , i will get there one day, i will have to settle on the popcorn stitch for now. your blanket looks great
  2. may

    Baby's ABC'S Afghan

    love this , i am itching to make another one after seeing this
  3. may

    afghan ???

    http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z129/pepiv8/P1050240.jpg here is one i did , that fit our double bed,, i did 25 squares about 17inches square
  4. may


    CLAMATIS is my most favourite plant , i just love them , i have tried to grow them in my garden but not with much success, now i know what to do, i have to make my own ............... and it will never die on me yours is brill:clap
  5. may

    Latest Afghans

    love those blankies
  6. the twins will be 2 in may ,but they were born at 35 weeks so they are quite small for their age but are catching up quick. the poncho sets would fit from about 18 months to about 3 years i would think . i will have to remember to get a pic with them wearing them
  7. http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z129/pepiv8/P1070499.jpg just finished these sets for my nieces twin girls, the flower on the hats have a ladybird button ,and the ponchos have a large ladybird and a small ladybird. hope they like them
  8. may

    My Newest Afghan

    woe thats great and its done in the granny stitch i have never seen that before brill:clap:cheer
  9. Oh WOW very nice crocheting there, they are all sooooo nice
  10. THATS JUST GREAT :cheer
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