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    Proud Army wife and Coast Guard mom
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    Crochet, pugs, outdoor photography, collecting rare horror movies, gardening
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  1. Welcome from Spokane, WA!
  2. We do that too! I'm glad everyone enjoyed my Red Heart story.
  3. We were on a road trip this morning when a plastic plate on the bottom of the car came loose and started dragging on the road. At 70 MPH, this caused quite the ruckus. Dh pulled over and figured out what was wrong, but he didn't have anything to fasten the plate back on with, and we were out in the country. Red Heart yarn to the rescue! I happened to have my WIP with me in the car. So I cut several lengths of yarn, and he went back under the car and tied the plate down. We drove over 500 miles today, and the Red Heart yarn held the plate in place the whole time! I might just have to keep a skein in the back of the car for road emergencies. Let's see...jumper cables, spare tire, oil, water, and Red Heart yarn.
  4. I don't differentiate between the seasons; as long as I have time, I'll be working on something.
  5. I love browns and tans paired with almost turquoise blue. I have done several projects with brown, off white, and TLC's Robin Egg, which you can see the color of here: http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog.jsp;jsessionid=ZHCREO02R42XOP4SY5LVAFR50LD3UUPU?CATID=cat2866&PRODID=prd31107&_requestid=2208349#select
  6. No, I've never had that happen. Both dh and I are avid crafters and aware of each others projects, so we tend to be careful about moving craft stuff around. Glad you were able to find a replacement mag/pattern!
  7. Welcome from Spokane! I used to live just down the road from you in Steilacoom.
  8. For the Hitchcock fans: Dial Y for Yarn (Dial M for Murder) Crocheters on a Train (Strangers on a Train) To Catch a Skein (To Catch a Thief) The Woman Who Crocheted Too Much (The Man Who Knew Too Much) Stitch Fright (Stage Fright) Yarnie (Marnie)
  9. No one has ever made a negative comment about my hobbies. My daughter is 21, and she wants me to crochet things for her and her husband. I think it's really kind of ignorant for people to lump hobbies into an age category. People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds knit, crochet, and do all kinds of hobbies. I don't know why crochet seems to categorized as a hobby only for old women.
  10. Texas Chain Stitch Massacre Rosemary's Baby Blanket
  11. Okay, there should be a warning that you need to put your Depends on before reading!
  12. That always bugged me about Hobby Lobby -- Christmas in springtime. I was a huge HL shopper, and it would frustrate me to see them putting out Christmas items in the spring or summer. I just want to enjoy the current season and not be inundated with Christmas before summer arrives. I know some people like to start Christmas crafts early, but I just found it overbearing. Pretty soon, there will just be aisles of Christmas items year 'round.
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