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    My Grandmother started teaching me when I was around seven but I didn't relearn until around 2007
  1. Only got one skein down to a ball this week and I'm going out tonight so I wont be working anymore tonight. WTD +1
  2. Rolled a skein into a ball today, hopefully have a couple others done tomorrow. +1 WTD
  3. Didn't quite manage to get my light gray skein rolled into a ball but perhaps tomorrow, and if I'm lucky the dark gray one will need rolling come the end of Thursday.
  4. Poor little skein, you did the right thing Shell Lee giving the poor thing a warm loving home.
  5. I'm working on my D&I afghan, I think it's actually called Xcellent Choice or something like that from Afghans A-Z, the pattern is the one in my avatar.
  6. YAY! I've been doing quite a bit of crocheting over the past couple of days since I've been off work, I'm supposed to go back tomorrow but the snowpocalypse down here in Hothlanta may prevent that. At least I'll be warm working on my afghan.
  7. I'm game. I fell off the charts last year when my depression took a turn for the worst and I lost interest in crafting all together. Hopefully this year will be better for keeping in the game, though possibly not for keeping in the positives, I'm working at Jo-Ann's now and yarn sales and an employee discount may cause trouble. Luckily I work at the cutting counter and not the crafts department so I don't have to go through the yarn on a daily basis. So long as you guys don't start counting fabric as well as yarn I should be okay. Happy everyone.
  8. My brother has been out of the house for six years, he's still home every weekend.
  9. Chain one space, not chain one, pretty sure that means the hole.
  10. I think you're supposed to do a sc in the next space from where you chained one in the previous row, in next chain one not minus one.
  11. Graceylue

    Tote Trouble

    Got the first half done and sewn together.
  12. Oh that is beautiful. How did you do the roses? They're just gorgeous.
  13. People confuse me, especially the people with completely illogical prejudices. But you get it everywhere, even in knitting the "pure" yarn art. I've had people look at whatever I'm doing and tell me that that was the absolutely wrong way to knit, or that I'm using the wrong needles/yarn/hook/pattern/hand/insert anything knitting/crochet related here, then have someone come up to them and say they're doing it wrong. Who cares how I pull loops of yarn through other loops of yarn?
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