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    Always learning crochet. Been up here since '02 with not to much to do so it's a perfect hobby.
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    Upstate NY/Catskill Mtns., Ulster County
  • Hobbies
    crochet, plastic canvas,chatting, cooking, eating, animals & nature.
  • Occupation
    I wear many hats as all women do. (mother/wife & zookeeper)
  • Favorite projects
    shawls, scrubbies, afghans, dishcloths, throws, scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, poncho, slippers/booties, long vest, ww doilies, hobo bags, lapghans, Holiday Items.
  • Crocheting since...
    October 2004, thanks to a friend that lent me the PC CD "learn to crochet"
  1. you are so very welcome, there is a lot to see, take your time
  2. wow, it's been forever, so glad to see you all are still here, hugs to you all ! Looking forward to see how much you all have posted, this will take some time, lol... XO
  3. I crochet right handed but do many other things lefty, like throw something. I can not throw righty at all, it usually lands right in front of me, _____ cindy
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