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    Widowed, three grown children, travel RN; back in college majoring in Literature. Published poet. Writer of historical fiction. Will open my Etsy (crocheted/knitted accessories) and Lilyshop (bridal jewelry) very soon.
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    Writing, reading, horses, gardening, CROCHETING, knitting, quilting, play the harp, jewelry-making.
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    Travel RN
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    Scarves/shawls, hats, socks (knit), fingerless mitts, afghans, doilies, baby items, dishcloths, amigurumi, doggie duds; but I especially love thread crocheting and making things for the home.
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    Since I was six years old, on and off.
  1. Hi, everyone, this is Elizabeth. I've been very busy working as a travel nurse up and down California all year, up until six week ago when I got a travel assignment that was only an hour and a half drive away, close enough to let me stay home. How's everybody? I will look around and catch up on reading the site and look at everyone's projects and get inspired. I've taken my yarns with me --- I kid you not, my trouseeau was mostly yarn lol --- I packed my WIPs and got them done in between work and sleep lol. Anyway, I'm looking forward to participating in crochet-alongs and swaps again, and taking a class or two. Right now I'm into making cloches,
  2. Hi, Black and White, I'm glad you liked your package. Once I found the right yarn, making the hook case was easy and fun I got my package and I love my hook case! It's great! Thank you! Thanks also for the hooks, the handmade stitch markers (so cute!), the yarns, the beautiful dishcloth, the cookie kit, the candy/chocolate goodies, the sweet Raggedy Ann paper doll pack, the postcards, the little armadillo, the DPNs (I almost left for the store to buy some), and the buttons! Elizabeth (wearing the toe socks )
  3. Been busy making the hook case. I'm on my third try; I was not happy with the yarns with the others and hopefully this current one will be THE ONE lol.. Also gathering up supplies for the stitch holders
  4. I use large ziplock bags. For my WIPs I would put in the yarn and label I'm working on, the hook, and the pattern in the bag. Outside the bag I write the date, project, hook size, and yarn. This comes from having too many UFPs and not remembering what hook size I was using, or what brand yarn, or misplacing the patterns, and wasting a lot of time looking for stuff.
  5. I made doll stuff from yarn and thread scraps given to me when I was a kid. One had to have a good imagination to see the dresses and hats that came out of those scraps
  6. Hi, Black on White! Same here! and Happy Birthday!!!!
  7. You're welcome, Stacy! Glad you liked them. I enjoyed the swap
  8. Elizabeth

    Crazy Egg Cozies

    They're great for Easter, instead of coloring the eggs. Don't need to stash them away either, they're so cute! I'm making some
  9. I received my ami package from Stacy! Thank you sooo much for my sweet owl and kitties [one is a key chain ] What a nice addition to my collection. I also received some tea, a beautiful wooden crochet hook, a booklet of amigurumi crochet and a booklet of thread crochet table toppers!! Again, thank you! Also, thank you, Nicolep for hosting the swap. I had a lot of fun!
  10. The crocheting is done. I just need to buy the filler, eyes, and embellishments.
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