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    originally from Long Island, NY but after 50 yrs starting to move south slowly
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    Living in Virginia- From LI, NY
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    I am an active volunteer and enjoy doing work for charities
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    work full time
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    baby hats and afghans
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    off and on since the late 1950's
  1. I just turned 60 in July and have been crocheting off and on since I was 12.
  2. I go to the dollar store - they have some lovely baby blankets. I use their thread edging as a base for my single crochet around the blanket and then I put on a pretty edge from there. It comes out really nice!!! I have made tons of them for charity and the hospitals. I also have a skip stitch blade but have not had a chance to use it yet. That is on my 2010 project list.
  3. Originally from Long Island (lived there 50 years) but moved to Virginia (9 years ago) to consolidate family. I am definitely a New Yorker in heart and accent. (and am proud of it!!!)
  4. Some colors of RH make my hands very very dry and you can see on my fingers where I have touched the yarn. Some other brands upset my facial skin even tho I don't remember touching my face while crocheting - I get red dry patches on my chin. But.... I will not stop crocheting.
  5. I've used a mixture of everything and all seemed to work well for me. Good luck.
  6. Fabulous!!! Wonderful!!! Beautiful !!! And so different !!!! My husband will love one - thanks for sharing the picture and the pattern.
  7. So cute and what a great idea!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hi everyone- haven't been around in a long time. Went back to the Dr and was told another 4 wks immobilization for me. Still need to heal a lot more. Kind of a "funky" time for me. Hard to do anything with my left hand and I get frustrated. So many things I am not allowed to do too. The funny thing is that when I was well I made some pretty heart bookmarks. Now just about all I can do is read, so I am using one of them. I haven't been able to do any crochet work and have not been going to the gym, but did manage to keep my weight gain down to 2 lbs. Believe me when I say it could hav
  9. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Yes it is a birth defect that gave me a 3mm addition of bone to my wrists and because of it there is tearing and shredding in my wrist ligaments. (It is probably old age too, but the young Dr. doesn't want to say that.) The hardest part is not being able to crochet !!!! I am addicted to it and now am in a brace-cast. I have to keep my arm as immobile as possible. For one month no crochet !!!!! Then we will see. I can only use my fingers a little - enough to type and still go to work. Bummer. Congrats to you Happy Stitcher!!!!! A tremen
  10. Well, I am at a BIG standstill !!! Long story short: Due to severe wrist pain I recently had an xray and mri and find there is an abnormality in a bone in my right wrist. I was put in a cast on Fri but hand and arm swelled so bad I had to cut it off. Now I am in a non-removable brace that I am to think of as a cast. My right arm needs to be as immobile as possible for 1 month before going back to the Dr. As little movement as possible is on my plate now. GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS ???? you are correct if you guessed NO CROCHETING. I am going thru withdrawls already and it's only be
  11. I did it !!! I lost another pound - makes 6 to date. Wow, this is not easy. I never had to lose weight before, but since turning 59 the weight has come on so easily with meds and slower metabolism. Along with trying to lose is trying to keep off what I lost. Such a struggle !!! Congrats to those who have lost. Keep the faith to those still struggling (like me)
  12. Cindy - squares are lovely !!!! Thanks for sharing !
  13. Tia - hysterical !!! I laughed out loud at all of them - my hubby thought I was losing it. Pam- congrats on your son's marriage!!! Hope all goes well and you enjoy yourself. Don't worry - any "slip ups" can be corrected after the wedding is over. A happy occasion is a wonderful thing in these hard times. Dance a lot - it's exercise and burns calories. I am holding the 5 lb loss and my cardiologist changed my blood pressure meds AGAIN. Start them today - hope they don't put weight on like other meds did. Good luck to all !!!!
  14. Good morning everyone... been a very buzy last 2 weeks. Enjoyed catching up with all the posts. Glad to say I have lost 1 more pound. I was beginning to think it would never come off again. This makes a total of 5. My cardiologist was happy too. Congrats to all that have lost and all that have stopped smoking. To all that haven't budged or gained- don't worry. It happens to us all. Would love to see some works in progress. I too will post mine as soon as possible.
  15. I loved the one done in pink - looks like hearts !!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern - I printed it out so I can also make one. Beautiful work !!
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