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    originally from Long Island, NY but after 50 yrs starting to move south slowly
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    Living in Virginia- From LI, NY
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    I am an active volunteer and enjoy doing work for charities
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    work full time
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    off and on since the late 1950's
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    baby hats and afghans
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  1. Arlinka

    2013 Crochet Resolutions

    My resolution is to make a few shawls for Senior Citizen nursing home wheelchair bound patients. They get cold easily and the pattern I found goes over the shoulder and looks like it will be warm.
  2. Arlinka

    Crochet in VA

    Welcome !! I'm in Northern Virginia.
  3. Arlinka


    I use scrap ends in the garden in the summer to tie up (hold up) my vegetables & flowers. I can match colors to the plants!!! Sometimes I take multiple longer pieces and chain them together for heavier veggies. They are very soft ties that don't hurt the stems. They work GREAT!!!!!
  4. Arlinka

    while I was sick

    Adorable!!! Hope you feel better soon!
  5. Arlinka

    Christmas Giveaway #1 - Winners Announced!!!

    Thank you for picking me as a winner!!!!!!!! I so appreciate it and look foward to receiving the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!! Congratulations to the other winners too!!!!
  6. Arlinka

    Christmas Giveaway #1 - Winners Announced!!!

    I would love to be entered - any one would be welcomed. Thank you!!!
  7. Arlinka

    Christmas Giveaway #2 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!

    Would love to be entered in your giveaway. Any kit would be welcomed!! Thank you.
  8. Arlinka

    Hello from Virginia

    Hi Jessica- welcome to Crochetville. I am from Northern Virginia.
  9. Arlinka

    Donated some Snuggles

    So pretty and such a great charity to give to.
  10. Arlinka

    Sneaking yarn in the home

    I live alone now so I don't have to hide it anymore. In the past I did have to hide it at times.... my husband didn't understand that I needed more, a different color or even why I just wanted that particular yarn. I tried to make him understand that yarn was my addiction just as computer equipment was his. lol.
  11. Arlinka

    Crochet on leaves

    Wow!! Amazing!! Such patience!!
  12. Arlinka

    Baby blankets

    Both blankets are beautiful!! You do beautiful work!!!
  13. Arlinka

    Betsy Ross Afghan

    Fantastic job!!! I always wanted to make one but just haven't been able to get there. Yours is definitely an inspiration. Love to see it finished !!!
  14. Arlinka

    Zulema's Shawl

    A beautiful shawl made with love - how wonderful. Prayers for you both.
  15. Arlinka

    Lavender Fields-Bavarian Crochet

    Stunning!!!! What a lucky couple to get this georgeous afghan!!! Your choice and placement of colors is spectacular.