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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm working on slipper number 2! I just didn't think that he would only like one!
  2. So, this is vaguely based on: These slippers I'm making these for a 8 year-old boy who LOVES gators! This is also my first time "making" a "pattern" (I didn't write down what I did though) So, let me know what you think? Any suggestions? Other then adding another eye I'm going to add some teeth; I think I will use felt for the teeth. (Right now it looks like granny gator without the teeth, not so scary!) Upon trying them, I discovered that it "Chomps" with walking, which is fantastic! I think a certain little boy is going to like them!
  3. I made a pair for granny square slippers (with some modifications to make them bigger) but that won't work as a "base" for the plan I have in my head
  4. What is your favorite slipper pattern to use for kids? I'm going to make "Aligator slippers" for a 8 year-old boy by combing patterns and using some imagination I want to have a good base to work from though! I want to make them about 9 inches long so he can wear them for a couple years. I'm thinking "Moccasin type" would be easiest to work with for what I want to do with them. Thanks for the help
  5. I'm on Cape Cod, and it's snowing! Thanks for the comment about my dad; lately many people have been bashing the military. He's been in it for more then 22 years. Go USCG! I did look at that pattern before, but I think I want to make him something he will use, he has enough toys *lol* He can't even keep it clean now!
  6. Oh, that's an AWESOME idea! He does somethign that very few people do and he has to travel a LOT! Once he said he had memorized the locations of all Starbucks in at least five airports! I could make it Microsoft logo instead or something Thanks for the idea!
  7. Thanks for the welcomes everyone! Well, they're not for my brother and dad, they're for my best friend's brother and dad. But then again, they're like a second family, so close enough You idea for the cube gave me wicked cool idea! Make a cube-ish shape, like an older box computer screen, with the windows logo on the screen! I think he would find it amusing (plus it would be small enough to bring in a suitcase!)
  8. Hello! I live in Eastern Massachusetts right now. (The "right now" changes a lot, my dad is in the military.) I'm 16 and have recently (in the past month or so) learned how to crochet from my sister. I've taught myself other stitches since, but she taught me how to chain and single crochet. I've since made three hats (a baby hat, and dress up hat for some family friend's little girls, and a hat for a friend of mine.) I'm currently making Amara the Unicorn and a fly net (from Crochet do-dads) for my best friend's little sister and my best friend, respectively. I'm going to make a pair of slippers for her mom. (My best friend lives in Florida, so I only get to see them about once a year of so. And this year I'm going right after the holidays so I'm making them gifts!) However, I was hoping you gals could help me out! I need to come up with an idea for the little brother and the dad. The boy is about 8 and LOVES alligators/crocodiles! He also likes frogs and the like. So, and ideas for something I could make reality quick (one day or so?) I was thinking maybe alligator slippers or something? And I'm totally out of ideas for the dad! He works for Microsoft, so I was thinking of including the windows logo as a joke, but I don't know what to make for the item! I'm totally up for suggestions... PLEASE! Thanks! and Hello! Edit to add: In case you're wondering, my username is Alutiiq (a native language of Alaska) and means Amber Moon. Amber is the name of my dog, and I think the word for moon is pretty, and it makes me think of the harvest moon - which I love.
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