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    Bead Crochet Rope Jewelry

  2. crafter

    Blue Roses for Christmas

    very thoughtful!!
  3. crafter


    Very nice!!!
  4. crafter

    Chocolate Lab Afghan

  5. crafter


  6. crafter

    Getting Started on Gifts for 2013

    Here is a link to a blog I created to track my work..... http://watsoncreations2013.blogspot.com/ I am very excited about using up all my yarn stash..
  7. crafter

    Getting Started on Gifts for 2013

    This is great motivation for me....I have not been very productive with my crochet and I just told my husband that I was not going to buy any more yarn until I used up the 5 bins of yarn I have so it looks like my list will consist of dish cloths, scarf and hats , Christmas ornaments, afghans..etc....
  8. crafter

    Yorkie ami made into an ornament

    beautiful!!!! looks like my little yorkie
  9. crafter

    Bell Choir of Angels

    very pretty!!!! I just pulled out my patterns to make those.
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  11. crafter

    afghan ???

    Hello everyone, I am wanting to make a king size afghan and I am need some help......I wanted to know if you are making squares how many would you need? What would be a quick and easy pattern? Thanks
  12. crafter

    Thread ornament

    very pretty!!!
  13. crafter

    Barbie Evening Elegance

  14. crafter

    seeking pattern

    Hello everyone, I want to make these earrings and need help locating a pattern/instructions on how to make them...I have attempted and failed....... Thank you
  15. crafter

    New Sunny Spread Afghan