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  1. Here is a link to a blog I created to track my work..... http://watsoncreations2013.blogspot.com/ I am very excited about using up all my yarn stash..
  2. This is great motivation for me....I have not been very productive with my crochet and I just told my husband that I was not going to buy any more yarn until I used up the 5 bins of yarn I have so it looks like my list will consist of dish cloths, scarf and hats , Christmas ornaments, afghans..etc....
  3. beautiful!!!! looks like my little yorkie
  4. very pretty!!!! I just pulled out my patterns to make those.
  5. crafter

    afghan ???

    Hello everyone, I am wanting to make a king size afghan and I am need some help......I wanted to know if you are making squares how many would you need? What would be a quick and easy pattern? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I want to make these earrings and need help locating a pattern/instructions on how to make them...I have attempted and failed....... Thank you
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