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  1. I would LOVE to make one of these but AOL Hometown is shut down so the pattern is no longer available!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, you are probably right about the Simply Soft. I think I will go with the cotton. The girl I am making it for would probably like it better, anyway!
  3. I have also used RH for a dish scrubbie. I made two small rounds, and stiched them together on the outside by sc with cotton, then just kept going around with the cotton, so it has a nice cotton edge too. It is quite handy. I wish I would have made more.... a square one would be cute too!
  4. I think I want to use Caron Simply Soft or Sugar and Cream cottons (they both wash up nicely) with an H hook. Would this thing turn into a monster with an H hook???
  5. OMG that is little! I have never used one that size before. Is this bag pretty big? I would like to make it for a friend to use as a baby tote. Not to tote her baby in, but her baby's stuff. LOL
  6. Hey! I'm practically you're neighbor, here in Columbus!
  7. I just wanted to stop in and say hi! I came across your board while I was looking for stitch markers and amigurumi.... both! I am going to start amigrurumi crochet as soon as I choose my first project
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