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  1. I crochet things to keep me warm in winter, and sometimes my friends see and like, so I make them tried and achieved patterns. Right now, I am expecting my first, so I am making baby items for my little one, and as they go well, for friends' babies as well.
  2. welcome!!! I have been crocheting off and on for a couple years and am still scared of FP stitches...you give me hope! what kind of dogs do you have? I have a puggle...the joy in MH and my life! :-)
  3. I apologize if this has been asked before, but looking at the Greetings to new members threads, I see that we come from some pretty diverse areas. Where's everybody from? I grew up in Connecticut, but now live in Massachusetts. I say that my crocheting interest is from Italy. My Dad is from Italy, and my nonna (his mom) was mostly blind and still crocheted the most amazing filet work. She inspired me to give it a try, though I am nowhere near her ability!
  4. I am a teacher, so I have pretty sweet hours, home by 3:30 every day. I am also pregnant and using that as an excuse to not do much more than hook and websurf! :-)
  5. My mom taught me as a little one, but I left it until she retaught me as my 31st birthday gift. Since then, books have filled in the blanks.
  6. I am 33. I have been crocheting for 2 years. I have had 8 year old students bring projects to school to work on with me...love that!
  7. since I found out my first is due in April, I have been crocheting as much baby stuff as I can....and if little baby dan d is a boy, 1 of my 2 pregnant friends must have a girl on the way. Love this! THanks!!!!
  8. thank you all! Jingo's hat is the cutest thing! I think i have to try that right now....might look cute on the puggle before she eats it!
  9. the actual pattern directions are as follows: work in continuous circle rnd1 :ch3 13 hdc in next st* rep between * 14 times (42 hdc) rnd 2: 2 hdc in each hdc (28 hdc) rnd 3: * 2 hdc in next st, hdc in next st* rep between * 14 times (42 hdc) the following rounds are increases which make sense to me, but I can not figure the above... thanks for the help!!!!
  10. I ordered and received the pattern for this hat as part of my ongoing quest to crochet a brimmed cap...but I can't get started. The directions for rounds 1 and 2 confound me.... if you have this pattern, please help! Am I supposed to ch4 and then 13 hdc into each ch? and then how/why does it dec down to 26 hdc in the 2nd round to go back up to 42 hdc in round 3? I just don't get it! help!!!
  11. thank you again! I love the one you made in white with pink...so pretty!
  12. so excited to try these patterns! thanks again!
  13. thank you! thank you! I am going to try again with your help, friends.
  14. I love them! they look toasty warm!
  15. can someone tell me what on earth I am doing wrong? I have tried 3 different patterns now, multiple times. I always do the gauge first (which always tells me that my stitches are too tight and i always end up going up a hook size) but somehow one of 3 things happen: 1) the hat comes out very small. (maybe I have a big head!) 2) the stitches get all knotted up (using chenille and cotton double strands for the easiest beginner hat in my beginner hat book!) 3) I can't get 24 DC stitches in the 4ch loop to even get started right. can someone point me in the direction of a true beginner hat pattern so I can get over my anxiety about trying to get one right! thanks!
  16. thank you all for the warm welcome! I hope I have some slightly more exciting projects to share soon!
  17. Hi! I am new to crochet and am totally addicted! Besides spending hours trying to master something more than a single stitch scarf, I am a second grade teacher who is in her final year of grad school to become a reading specialist. I am finding that crochet calms me substantially, and is hopefully going to cut back on costs of holiday gifts this year! Last Christmas, my mom made me a scarf and I wanted to learn since...she taught me and got me started with hooks, etc. for my birthday in september and I have been obsessed since. Its in my blood...my dad's mom, my nonna in Italy, was blind and still crocheted the most amazing fine gauged bedspreads for each of the granddaughters. Mine was the last completed before her death and I treasure it. It was her daughter, my aunt, who taught my mom and brought the art to that side of the family. My husband whole-heartedly supports the habit as his mom, who passed 2 years ago, also spent hours and hours crocheting and he is bringing me all her supplies this afternoon on his dad's recommendation. anyhow, that was a lot of an introduction! I am very happy to be here! happy hooking!
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