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  1. Glad I could help, even if just a little bit.
  2. I can't open the site for the round ear muffs either. Darn. Any other way to get to the pattern?
  3. I mailed 5 washcloths on Friday, Nov. 9th. 2 octagonal and 3 square. I also posted on Warmth for Warriors which I guess I really didn't have to. Although I sent directly to the MI address. Hope they are received.
  4. owlvamp - I finally got to the PO and mailed 2 bubble envelopes to you 1 contains 4 hats and 1 contains 2 scarves Also sent you a PM bailey
  5. Welcome from south central KY
  6. If done in one color of worsted weight, any idea how much yarn is needed?
  7. I haven't forgotten you (post #8) - please PM your address.
  8. My impression (w/o going back and reading again) is that they don't want anyone to add their own tags. Do recall an option for paying for something. All I'm doing is making and sending.
  9. I make squares too. I did a couple of octagonal - the pattern was too big and I had to do adjustments. Really did the octagonal just to experiment. I knit the cloths more than I crochet them - for no particular reason.
  10. Very nice. I do hestitate to make any with large holes - the cloths stretch out when using. I might try some of the stars. I tend to keep mine about 8" because of stretching.
  11. I wish dilyca2006 had posted a picture (here or on her thread) of the one you were sending her last Nov. 3rd. Or did she, and I just missed seeing it.
  12. I find this very strange because the Warmth for Warriors site on Ravelry does not say this. I will continue to make and send.
  13. I joined the group too. Making the wash cloths has gotten me out of a blah slump (due no doubt in part to the extreme hot weather). I enjoy making them. I also want to make some stockings to send.
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