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  1. chedges1

    Oh baby baby yarn swap - PARTNERS ASSIGNED

    gonna get my mail out by monday sorry its takin so long
  2. chedges1

    Oh baby baby yarn swap - PARTNERS ASSIGNED

    will be shipping urs about the 1st...
  3. thats cool. I know i cant wait for mine . bet its pretty... its always like christmas when i get a package in the mail.
  4. I can mail the 18th is that good for you?
  5. chedges1

    Kit Swap - swap done! chatting now!!

    thats a nice kit
  6. Yep I finished the shawl today so will be mailing soon...
  7. thanks you all i will sure see if he starts acting up again if she will put him in a bed room or something,,, I about have kuddlekubs shawl done and have goodies for her..
  8. I know this really off topic but you guys been talkin doggies all week or so . So I am going to ask... My sister has a dog like stacey's tan one pictured here in the thread i think its staceys any way that gives you an idea on how big he is... Any way he bit my daughter broke her skin over the weekend and i have been watching her cause you never know if the dog had rabbie shots or not,, He doesnt really know us we havent seen him in 4months except the other day,,, well my question how can you get a dog us to u and not want to chew you up once you go visit... she didnt spank or put him away... thanks katie
  9. chedges1

    Kit Swap - swap done! chatting now!!

    Thats cool looking how long will u make it?
  10. I know how ya feel i got my partners patterns off epattern and took me forever to relize how the pattern went but i about have it done now.
  11. My friend uses a crate or dog cage to put her pup in at night so she doesnt pottyu every where, or u can use puppy pads but that just tells them they can go in ur house. my friend has had good success using the cage thing... and it can be atime out area. hugs
  12. yay cant wait to see what you made me...
  13. chedges1

    Oh baby baby yarn swap - PARTNERS ASSIGNED

    wow am i the first to sign up? I sent ya my survey,,, cant wait to get started. hugs
  14. Hi Kuddlekubs, Thats cool. I like dreaming to. lol window shopping on the computer my hubby says,,,
  15. I am like you i like to work close to ship date cause i like buying goodies and extras some times for partners. I love what i am making my partner,, I just hope she likes it...