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  1. waw waw congratulations on your sweet poncho
  2. thank you nice job i will make one for me too
  3. Happy Valentines Day to you, Amy and Donna, and to all my Crochetville friends __________________ and specally for tempa doll i love all of u
  4. lovely poncho waw i love the coulors
  5. thank you my friends alot of thanks
  6. i think that you have alucky sara mam really you do agood job
  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour.
  8. really you have abeutifall hands and i love the yarn u use it thank you for sharing my friend
  9. hello :clapmy friends what you are saying about my hand look and tell me please i v make it for my girl she have a 4 years i wish you like it:manyheart
  10. waw dont u know how much i love your hand
  11. i love this pattren i think that i will make one for my sister really i love it and thank you so much for your sharing honey thank you
  12. oh my god it is alovely and very very cute
  13. waw crochet 6 i love your hand thank you darski very much for the pattrens
  14. no i didnt find any thing iam so sorry no one help me mor?
  15. :cheerthanks alot for your share:crocheting:manyheart:yay and ive do it "][/url]:cheer:cheer
  16. really alot of thanks to you my best friend here jeannej thank you very very much
  17. i am waiting for help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help
  18. you have agold hand dont stop showing us your Really great afghan
  19. you do well thank you for share my friend
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