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    i love music and chrocheet
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    i wanna be abig knitter crocheet
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    8 years
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    i love to crochet every thing for kids and flowers and grrany squares
  1. memelamara

    Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Poncho

    waw waw congratulations on your sweet poncho
  2. memelamara

    My Irish Crochet Shawl

    congratulations on your book!
  3. memelamara

    Crocodile Stitch Hat

    thank you nice job i will make one for me too
  4. memelamara

    Happy Valentine's, Everyone!

    Happy Valentines Day to you, Amy and Donna, and to all my Crochetville friends __________________ and specally for tempa doll i love all of u
  5. memelamara

    Tested Cupcake hat

    i love it thank you
  6. memelamara

    Another poncho

    lovely poncho waw i love the coulors
  7. memelamara

    my lost poncho cable stitch

    thank you my friends alot of thanks
  8. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour.
  9. memelamara

    Latest work dress child

    i think that you have alucky sara mam really you do agood job
  10. memelamara

    Baby clothes, a blanket and shoes

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour.
  11. memelamara

    Crochet dress girl 2

    really you have abeutifall hands and i love the yarn u use it thank you for sharing my friend
  12. oh my god i love it very cute thank you:cheer
  13. memelamara

    come to see what can i do

    hello :clapmy friends what you are saying about my hand look and tell me please i v make it for my girl she have a 4 years i wish you like it:manyheart
  14. memelamara

    sweet sun-tops for baby girls

    waw dont u know how much i love your hand
  15. memelamara

    Twinkle, Twinkle...18"baby

    i love this pattren i think that i will make one for my sister really i love it and thank you so much for your sharing honey thank you