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  1. Rev. PennyAnnie. This is a great board for inspiring us to crochet. The people here are great with helping others and I sure hope you enjoy it here as much as I have. I have been following patterns for over 30 years now and this year I am finally doing some of my own things. I love crochet. I do a little knitting and did lots of sewing, but always come back to crochet. I never heard of a magic attic doll, but will try and find out what one is and then see what they wear. Well, Glad to have you here. Corla
  2. I say to anyone I might have missed. I miss a couple of days and I think I just spent an hour trying to say hello to them. This is just incase I did miss anyone. to Crochetville. :wave Corla
  3. to crochetville. Just jump right in and join all the fun things going on. If you run into problems you can be sure someone will jump right in and help out. Love this board:woohoo . Corla:wave
  4. Beth. Glad to have you here. I am sure you will have lots of fun here. Corla:clap
  5. Jan. Glad you found Crochetville. Great place and lots of fun things going on. :woohoo Corla
  6. Vim. So glad you found Crochetville. I am sure you are going to love it here. Great people and always so many fun things going on. Corla:wave
  7. Mary Ann and great to have you at Crochetville. The people here chat, help with problems and have tons of fun. Its a wonderful place to come and relax and learn. :woohoo :rollin Corla:wave
  8. to Crochetville. Nice blog. Lots of ladies here have them, but I bet you already looked into them. This is a fun, fun site and hope you enjoy it as much as I have been. :rollin Corla
  9. kickstart45


    Dail. Glad you found Crochetville. This is a fun place and great people. I love it here and hope you will too. Corla:wave
  10. 4PJ. This really is a fun place isn't it. Glad you found us and hope you have as much fun here as we all are. :woohoo :thumbsup Corla
  11. to Crochetville. Hope you like it here as much as I have been. The people here keep me motivated and there is always someone to give a hand when needed. Great place. :thumbsup Corla
  12. :bigsmile Stormy. This is a great place and I am sure you will have loads of fun here. Always something going on. :woohoo :thumbsup Corla
  13. Ang, Hope you like it here. Great people:bounce :rollin Always someone to help when you need it. Have fun. Corla:)
  14. to Crochetville Deb. This place is fun, fun, fun. :thumbsup Hope you like it here as much as I do. Corla:)
  15. to Crochetville. My son just got out of the Army and is living with his wife and 3 kids in Augusta, Georgia now. We will probably be going there sometime in the near year to visit them. I am sure you will love it here. So many great things going on here. The people here are great. :thumbsup Corla from Waynesburg, Pa.:woohoo
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