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  1. Actually now that I look closer at it and compare it to another one I've seen...you may be right...it may be a puff stitch because there are no spaces in between the stitches that we can tell right?
  2. Now see to me it almost looks like clusters you would use in a granny square not bobbles? But I'm pretty new to crochet. :/ Sad thing is I did find a hat that was similar to it on a girl's crochet site, but I don't think she gives out patterns.
  3. I found this pic of Hayley Sales, and it looks like a crochet granny skull cap. Is there a pattern for something like this? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for that! I'm actually talking more about the same height/width/etc. Like making scarves and blankets, my work always looks shoddy to me....even after blocking it seems like many of the stitches aren't exactly the same like a lot of other crochet pieces I've seen. I guess it is a matter of consistency huh? Thank you!
  5. It always seems like whenever I crochet I cannot get all the stitches even for the life of me. Is there a helpful tip for making sure they all come out symmetrical? Thank you!
  6. I collected a bunch of it because of the pretty colors, and I really don't know what it is best suited for. It seems to fray easily, though. Any thoughts on what to do with it? Thanks!
  7. Yeah I think I will give it a whirl...I can always go back to making blankets and scarves right lol? Thanks gals!
  8. Yes I was worried about the fitting as well. I haven't done extremely well on my gauges for the hats and wraps. I have one hat I can't even wear it's so big even though I used the hook size it called for, etc. And my Mom's blue jean shawl came out a little small for my liking. The projects I was looking at recently, though, were the new ones in the Crochet Today magazine. There's a shrug made by putting squares together as well as a little baby dress and jacket I'd love to make. It just seems difficult cause I notice that a lot of people don't tell you where to join if you're starting another part of the outfit or if the pattern will need assembly or if it's one piece, etc. Makes it kinda intimidating, and I know how frustrated I get when I can't figure directions out. But I may give it a whirl, and I can always frog it. Thanks!
  9. Would you mind sharing the pattern for that blanket in the set? It's gorgeous! I love the booties too!
  10. I'm thinking of venturing into the "Intermediate" level patterns, which contain a lot of clothing pieces. Any tips? So far I've made a couple of blankets, a few hats, few scarves and one shawl. Am I ready lol?
  11. I read the thread below, but I'm not completely sure if this would solve my problem or if it's the same thing. Can someone tell me by looking at the pictures below please? If it helps...I'm about to start my second row 5 (so I went row 1 2 3 4 5 then row 4 and now I'm about to start row 5 again). Thank you! It's so disheartening cause I was really rollin along until I noticed the edges didn't match up.
  12. I'm going to be doing the blue jean shawl, but I want it to have a more delicate look to it...kinda like a knit shawl ya know? Could I increase the hook size or would that just make it bigger? I'm going to be using Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue for reference. I thought about using something thinner, but I really love the color. I suppose I will compromise the lacy-ness in the end if it means I'd have to change yarns. Thanks for the assistance!
  13. No I haven't ruled out anything that has many many colors and can be washed and dried. I need it to be fairly inexpensive, though. $8 or less and if it's $8 I'd prefer to get my money's worth with a nice size skein...none of this 2 oz. stuff lol.
  14. LI Roe, was it done with cotton? That's the only thing I'm worried about is the cotton stretching if I decide to go with Tahki cotton classic.
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