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    I am a brainstem stroke survivor, who loves all crafts.
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    crochet, knitting, sewing, looming, embroidery
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    Round Ripple Afghans
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  1. That is just the cutest set, Great job !!
  2. Very Pretty, the Edging does look terrific.
  3. Your shawl looks so nice and comfy. What yarn did you use?
  4. You definitely do lovely work, its beautiful
  5. Oh the zebra patterned one is my favorite. How long does one take you?
  6. Wow the rose is so pretty, great job
  7. Love the fringe, it looks terrific
  8. Welcome & Good Morning from NE Oklahoma
  9. Welcome & Good Morning from NE Oklahoma
  10. I love afghans that are full of energy, yours turned out beautiful. What a terrific daughter.
  11. Good Morning & Welcome from NE Oklahoma
  12. Donna Package is in the mail. I so hope your cause is a success !!!
  13. It's simply beautiful.........
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