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  1. I did something similar, but with my computer... I got really upset and decided to leave the house in a hurry, and so I changed my password on Windows so nobody could get on and mess with my stuff. Well when I got home, I couldn't, for the life of me, remember what it was, so I went to bed without my usual music on (I usually slept with music from my computer on) and in the morning I suddenly remembered the new password I made. Sometimes our brains are weird like that! I think basically it's a sign that we really do need a break.
  2. My plans are to make scarves, hats, gloves, and quite possibly slippers for everyone in the family and some not in the family...
  3. Same here. Though I've yet to make one for this particular forum... I love messing around with Photoshop!
  4. Is it just me or does Crochet and Knitting, and making or doing pretty much anything creative have Therapeutic... erm, what's the word I'm looking for... It's on the tip top of my tongue... Ah Properties! When I crochet, I find that I don't get depressed as often as I would normally. I'm a lil bit Bipolar so I'm used to having stretches of time where I just don't wanna do anything and then all of a sudden I'll be perky and completely excited to do something. Those are the days when the house gets clean or I start cleaning my bedroom, or I do a buttload of laundry. Those are the days I don't yell and get completely upset over really dumb things. My sister says her knitting does the same thing for her. Though it tends to calm her enough that it makes her sleepy, wheras I can stay up all night crocheting if I really want to. I wonder if that's how my mother did it. Raising my sisters and of course myself. I know my Mom didn't stop crocheting till a while after I was born. I know I was a handful. What about you?
  5. Welcome from Washington! (The State, not the National Capital!) I just started too and love it.
  6. I'm just starting too! Welcome from Everett, WA! My tip is to just stick with it. If the books you're using ain't working, find a good youtube video. (Oh the things you can learn from You Tube! I would never have figured out how to Crochet if I'd been following the book my sister got for me and my nieces!)
  7. Welcome from Currently Freezing Cold Everett, WA. I'm so cold I'm considering laying in bed to Crochet instead of by my desk... I saw some books for Amirugumi that I wanna get!
  8. Right now I'm working on an afghan for my little Goddaughter who lives in California with her Mommy (My BFF and sista from another mother for life!). I just worked in my second skein of yarn. It's gonna be nice and big so that Alana can use it for years and years to come. I'm using Red Heart KIDS Playful yarn and an I Hook. What are you Crocheting today?
  9. Wow... Makes me miss my Mom's late cat Tootie!
  10. I dunno about this being a proper Christmas present, but I've been getting at least 2 or more rows of the afghan I'm making for my goddaughter done each day. I'm making it quite big so that she'll be able to enjoy it for years to come. I'm almost done with the first skein of yarn and will be going onto my second skein for it... (I would have more done probably but I recently decided to start all over and do a single crochet stitch instead of the slip stitch I was using at first... For some reason I learned the slip stitch before the single crochet stitch.)
  11. Oooh thanks! I have long needed to find gloves that can have the fingers on or off because I like to crochet while waiting for the bus (and despite the rain, cold and even the occasional snowfall, the city I live in does not have bus stops that shield you from the elements all that well. Many of them have even downsized on the seating capacity at bus stops, forcing many people to just stand.) I'll probably make these sometime after I finish the afghan I'm making for my goddaughter.
  12. Hello from Washington! Sorry, I can't help ya with your yarn issue. Not being able to find the right yarn really sucks.
  13. Welcome from rainy, rainy Washington! (I kinda sorta wish it were snowing right now... but eh...)
  14. For me that would be when my hands are hurting too badly... But luckily so long as I keep them warm and stretch them when they start feeling a bit sore (I can crochet much longer than I can write with a pencil, thank goodness) I'm good to go... I'm actually amazed at how much I've done on the afghan I'm making for my goddaughter in just two days... Plus I even did a bunch of cleaning yesterday and rearranged my bedroom. (I now have two drawers of my computer desk dedicated to crochet! I'm almost done with the first skein of yarn for it and will be able to break out one of the other skeins of yarn I bought for Alana's Afghan. As for the original poster, that many afghans does seem like it could very easily burn you out. I'd recommend doing scarves and.or hats instead!
  15. If I didn't want a Saxophone and computer upgrades so darn badly, I'd probably be asking Santa for a bunch of Crochet related things... (I know I saw some really nice books that really got me thinking about what I will be able to do once I master basic crochet.)
  16. I'd say up to twenty bucks, give or take a few, factoring in the time you put in and how much you paid for the yarn...
  17. The color doesn't look all that horrible to me. But maybe you're just not a piorangenk (Get it?) type of person. It looks very nice!
  18. I can't wait till I learn to make my own Hats... and other winter things...
  19. When I was a kid, my Mom had this old afghan that she made long before I was born. We used it all the time. So long as they are not super roughly handled, the afghans shouldn't fall apart or appear dirty, or fade too... I used to love watching the afghan in the dryer at the laundromat. The pretty colors were hypnotic! Oh and I just remembered. I used to use that afghan all the time to make my Elder sister's bunkbeds into a tent for myself and all my stuffed toys to hide away from the boogiemen in the forest (my sister's bedroom) *sigh, warm memories... * I'm going on my 21 birthday come March and I'm sure if it hadn't gotten stolen, my mother would still have it today and still be using it. Man I miss that afghan... *sigh* I need to find my crochet hook. Dunno how that wound up lost!
  20. I only picked up the art of crochet a few days ago, and despite a kinda lousy IMHO (In My Honest Opinion) start on a blanket for my unborn niece or nephew who likely won't be born until well into the new year, I have found new inspiration to work on a new blanket with a brighter multicolor yarn for my goddaughter/niece and since started this second blanket, I have been so obsessed that I spent from about 4 pm to about 5 am this morning working on it. I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep since and after entertaining a friend for a few hours, going out to get an energy drink (yeah I know, it's bad for me...) and doing housework with my youngest nephew underfoot, I find myself on this forum and working on the blanket again. Somehow despite how long it may take for me to finish the blanket, I am driven to spend every moment possible to work on it. My goddaughter/niece is only a little more than a year old, and the mere thought of her having it for years and years, keeping her wee little body warm in the winter, using it as a tent, a curtain, a picnic blanket, etc drives me on to keep working on it. I'm completely obsessed. I couldn't even stop while I was talking to my mother on the phone.
  21. Well to be honest I just started Crochet a few days ago... My mother tried to teach me when I was seven years old but alas, that was almost 14 years ago and I was too impatient... Well actually, I was a brat who didn't want to learn to crochet unless I could pick the color of yarn. I was, and still am very attracted to multi colored yarns, particularly pastels. I did find a really bright multi colored one I like so much that I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and last night crocheting a blanket for my God Daughter. I guess it's just that because of my lack of attention span that the multi colors appeal to my brain, because it's constantly changing color on the same bit of yarn that I can focus more... But I am hoping to have this blanket done by Christmas and the way I'm going, it seems like I just might have it done by then if I crochet every single day... My sister was going to learn too, as well as my nieces, but it seems my Sister is better suited for knitting, whilst I am the one who can pick up a crochet hook, some yarn, watch one single you tube tutorial and pretty much do a really good job without really trying... I really hope my God Daughter likes it...I wanna use yellow or some other bright color to put her name in on the bottom of the blanket. I'm already working over the way to do it in my head... Well I'm gonna go and do some household chores now so that my Crocheting time is uninterrupted... Except for maybe a trip to the store for more Crochet hooks and yarn... I wanna get a set like my Mother had/has (It's probably in storage... I wonder now if she'd let me have her set now that I've gotten so into Crochet... I mean it's not like she can use them. She's legally blind now as far as I know... That reminds me, I should try calling her and see how she's doing.
  22. Heya! I'm Aprildawn. I live in rainy, rainy Everett, WA and after 14 years since my mother first tried to teach me to Crochet, I've decided to try crocheting again.
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