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  1. I did the same thing on an improvised afghan I was making for my God Daughter. Finished using one skein of Yarn and started on Skein number 2 and finally figured out what I was doing wrong and decided, forget this, I'm gonna make some smaller projects first. I had about a week to do three Scarves for Christmas and they turned out perfect!
  2. I had another one I think... I can't remember all that well but I'm pretty sure I had a dream the other night about working on the crochet hat I'm making!
  3. Hours and Hours. One time I started around 4 pm and didn't stop till like 12 hours later except to use the bathroom and brew up some more tea as I am an avid tea drinker.
  4. I'm torn between the Blankie and the toy because those are both things that are bound to see a lot of use from the baby. For instance, when I was a kid I had both my favorite blankie and a favorite toy to tote around... Had em for years and years, since before I could remember.
  5. You and I started Crocheting around the same time! I'm also in Washington State! Good to see another Washingtonian around here!
  6. I live a bit north from Seattle. I'm in Everett!
  7. You're not the only one that's still starting out with Crochet! I made three of the people on my Christmas List a Scarf, and right now I'm just doing a hat since I finally figured out more or less how to do it... I might just give the person who got a scarf made from the same yarn this hat once it's done! I'm using just single crochet and know how to do hdc and dc but I prefer working in SC for now... Welcome and here's hoping we both learn more!
  8. If only they made History Class this interesting!
  9. I wouldn't mind sitting a lot longer for a movie to be almost exactly like the book it's based upon. That would actually make me go to the Movies more often!
  10. Lets just say that my sister in law's reaction to the scarf I made her made me happy and made it easier for me to not worry and stress over her dad and his girlfriend's reactions to theirs.
  11. I think I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon with ya and do what I can to be frugal. I usually buy my clothes second-hand anyway (Which reminds me, I really ought to check out the Thrift Store for some more pants...). I'm giving up sodas come the new year so that will save some money as well.
  12. I might just do that. People in my family have been known to have dreams that are like that...
  13. Like actually dreaming, whilst your asleep? Last night I did. I dreamed that I had to get off a city bus for some reason to hang out with my brother in law and nephew in California and we started walking until we came to a thrift shop. The bro in law was looking for computer stuff, the nephew was looking for random stuff, and then I came upon a bunch of yarn and in my dream started commenting on the pretty colors of the yarn and thinking of what I could make of it. In the dream I also examined some half finished crochet items they had for sale. I think I might be sorta obsessed.
  14. Cool! is what I think of Camo Yarn...
  15. Gotta update! I am now on Scarf #3! *pats self on back* Though I'm really not feeling that great... I need to get it done so I can not be stressing out later...
  16. I have 2 more scarves to finish by Christmas morning. (I'm pretty sure I can manage it and if not, I'll hide away in my room until the very last minute possible to finish up...) And since I am starting to feel a little bit under the weather, I'm going to not sleep over at my friend's. (Besides we're forecast for MORE snow so it's probably going to be a no-go anyway.) And then after Christmas I'll work on the scarves for the friend I was gonna spend the night with and her aunt. (First I'll have to buy more yarn!)
  17. That bath poof makes me want to go take a shower right now! Wish the link to the pattern for it wasn't invalid.
  18. My mom said she'd like a pair for her birthday, which caught me off guard because I remember when I was little, I had a pair but they did not fit properly and always slid off my skinny little legs.
  19. I know I was really upset when I could not find my yellow Crystalites I hook that I'd recently bought. I completely cleaned my room in an attempting to find it and then after I went to the store and bought a set of hooks, I came home to find the hook I'd been looking for in my desk drawer... (I had completely cleaned said drawer out looking for previously mentioned hook so I knew someone had to have placed it in there whilst I was gone...) But oh well, now I have two I hooks... LOL
  20. Oh my gosh! Man I would love to have those hooks! Then I could do my crochet in the dark so that I'm not bothering anyone... My Christmas list had other things, such as computer parts I need and certain expansion packs for a game I like to play...
  21. Currently I'm working on making some last minute gifts for Christmas as a job I was going to be doing didn't work out because of the weather we're having in Western WA right now... So I'm having to use the yarn I have on hand to make Scarves for some family members. However, with only a few days till Christmas, it's like one huge project. What I do to stay on task, is pretty much what I used to do as a child to help me get my homework done. I put on some music I like and can sing to, and get comfortable. In my case either in my computer chair or on my bed. I finished the first of three scarves I'm working on earlier this morning. As it's the first project I've ever completed, I'm very proud of it.
  22. I switched over to Firefox quite a while ago.
  23. I think adding purple to the hat would be good! Purple and Black are my top two favorite colors!
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