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  1. I can completely see how switching from using such a small fine tool, to using a bigger hook would cause ya problems. The same would probably happen if I started to hold my hooks like a pencil (I can't write with a pencil for very long at all) .
  2. Dunno much about Felting. I think you can felt in a front load WM. Ya might try the Felting section for info on that... Um anyway, here's an idea... Hat-Scarves, ya know, the Hat thingys with the long Scarf portions...
  3. Holy Toledo! Those are some great Pokemon, Braxxi! I'd love to see a Crochet version of Charizard! That's my favorite Pokemon!
  4. Haha! Well actually you could twist his words and make Pokeballs out of yarn! LOL! Now that would make a nice safe toy for kids to use instead of those plastic ones that break and stuff.
  5. If people have a problem with my crocheting, they can go jump off a cliff for all I care. I can tell you now that if I hadn't been so stubborn over Yarn colors, I probably would have learned and stuck with Crochet at the age of 7.
  6. Hehe, It's fun to learn. I couldn't learn even a tiny bit from the book my sis bought, but there's quite a few people on YouTube who do tutorials and that's how I've been learning! Patterns scare me even though they are so nice to look at the finished project!
  7. What else are you doing while crocheting? Do you put the TV on, or some music, or talk radio, something else to occupy the part of your mind that can't just "sit still" and let your hands to all the work? I know what gets me through tedious things like the three scarves I made for Christmas presents because I had no money to buy presents and a bunch of yarn sitting around, is putting on some music and singing along. The singing to music makes that part of my mind that's like "Jeez, how much longer is this gonna take" shut up!
  8. What needs to be done is just testing the toys coming from sources which have already proven to be horrible sources of lead and other hazardous things.
  9. From what I can tell they use LED lights, which use so little power it's not even funny. Add to that, that replacement batteries come in packs of three and six!
  10. My mom did both Knitting and Crochet. But mostly Crochet. My sister Spring does knitting. I prefer Crochet. Knitting looks so much more complicated than Crochet to me.
  11. I felt really guilty about not visiting my friends and family down in California this last year, so when I found out that the sister of my BFF was pregnant I started thinking, what could I send down in the event that I can't come down myself, that isn't some stupid store bought item that really has no meaning? The first thing that came to mind was a handmade baby blanket. I didn't even consider learning to knit, because if I recall correctly that was even more frustrating the first time I tried to learn, and besides, both my friend and her sister have a grandma who crochets and I would be the only one interested if I happened to go along with them to their grandma's house. (I am practically family to them as I very nearly was legally part of the family, if only my own mother weren't so stubborn.) So I went ought, bought some yarn and a cheap plastic hook and took it home, watched a youtube video and started to learn. Then I found this place!
  12. Unfortunately the yarn is 100 percent Acrylic. I don't really have the cash for wool or any other animal yarns and am just beginning anyway... I was kinda thinking maybe a bowl at one point, but there really is no place for it around the apartment as it probably would get ruined pretty quickly if it was just for decoration. I'm sure if it was wool and I felted it, it would fit somebody in the family as a nice hat...
  13. There is no way I am just frogging it... Hmmm. I might have to do some serious pondering on this one before I figure out which I want it to be...
  14. I started working on what I originally intended to be a hat... But then realized earlier today that it might be a tad too big around as a hat... And then my brain gave me the brilliant of turning it into a drawstring bag with some sort of straps that I would crochet later and then sew onto the bag... Should I go with the first idea and just let it be a funky slightly loose hat (if so I could probably figure out how to make it slightly like a bucket-style hat) or should I go with the second idea of the bag? If it's going to be a hat, then it's more than halfway done... I would really appreciate the input. I'd post pictures of what I've got done so far but alas, I cannot find the usb cable to the camera... As soon as I finish my cup of Chamomile Tea I will be putting it down anyway and go to bed.
  15. Heya from Western WA! Welcome to the ville!
  16. I really think I'm going to like the Lite Crochet Hooks if I can get myself a complete set. They only had like B C D and E the Fabric and Craft's Shop down the street and I got a D and E for 30 percent off today... So far I'm liking them.
  17. I did the same thing on an improvised afghan I was making for my God Daughter. Finished using one skein of Yarn and started on Skein number 2 and finally figured out what I was doing wrong and decided, forget this, I'm gonna make some smaller projects first. I had about a week to do three Scarves for Christmas and they turned out perfect!
  18. I had another one I think... I can't remember all that well but I'm pretty sure I had a dream the other night about working on the crochet hat I'm making!
  19. Art is Magic, Crochet is Art, therefore our Crochet Hooks are essentially our Magic Wands! Besides, I'm sure there have been witches and wizards who have tried at least knitting with their wands! LOL! I would love to have hooks that look Potteresque.
  20. Hours and Hours. One time I started around 4 pm and didn't stop till like 12 hours later except to use the bathroom and brew up some more tea as I am an avid tea drinker.
  21. I'm torn between the Blankie and the toy because those are both things that are bound to see a lot of use from the baby. For instance, when I was a kid I had both my favorite blankie and a favorite toy to tote around... Had em for years and years, since before I could remember.
  22. You and I started Crocheting around the same time! I'm also in Washington State! Good to see another Washingtonian around here!
  23. I live a bit north from Seattle. I'm in Everett!
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